Having seen the accusations against RMS & the dishonest misquotes of him, (which in full context don't defend Epstein at all), I find the push for his resignation disgraceful.

I am the first to admit that could sometimes be less than eloquent, however this isn't really the case here, it's just a straight up smear, this really sums it up:

If it's this easy to blacklist someone, how long before Bernie Sanders would be forced out, if he actually won?


@MatejLach except this is this comment put in relation with all his writing on his blog. The way he wrote also is confusing and I dont think its a smear that it was interpreted as it is. Besides, would she be willing or not theres still the power relationship between a famous old guy and a young teenager that needs to be kept into mind.


@MatejLach i find it quite troublesome for women in tech that a lot of dudes jump to protect stallman


@ragekit What I have a problem with is misrepresenting what RMS said as then I can't take the reporter as a honest actor in the first place. If the reporter has a point, there's no need to misrepresent, otherwise it reeks of dishonesty.

My problem is with the misrepresentation re the "willing" part, RMS did not write that she was actually willing. Saying so it's a smear.

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