I think @Purism should do a free software-based alternative after the .

@MatejLach Let's make sure that the phone is successful first and stabilized. But an interesting idea all the same. :)

@MatejLach @Purism

The issue with a Kindle alternative is that it's essentially worthless without widely desirable content.

A libre phone is valuable as long as it can do basic phone functions securely, like make a phone call.

It's much easier (easi*er* not easy) to make a free software phone, than to convince a huge variety of popular authors to give up the drm on the works that their income currently depends on. (Not saying it's the only/ideal way...)


Right, but there's plenty of DRM-free books already, mainly technical ones, so if you made it display CS books and PDFs with a better UI than Kindle, you'd already have a market. & others publish their entire catalogue without DRM.

Then there's publishers like Tor Books for sci-fi/fantasy, communities for swapping books, Calibre toolset with plugins etc. Plenty of ways to get content onto the device.

Make it able to natively pull RSS feeds as well & it's a win



Give it the ability to play back mp3s/ogg and combined with the native RSS support + DRM-free audiobook publishers like and you can use it as a podcast+audiobook player as well.



Yeah, not a bad option if you don't mind it's not E-Ink, but I specifically want something FLOSS that's E-Ink.

Also, the vendor Pine is using for their SoCs has a terrible track record with GPL compliance, so am hesitant to outright recommend it.

@marsxyz To be fair to the Pine64 people, it does look like they're upstreaming what is needed to get the particular SoC model they're using to work on mainline, (apparently, 4.19 should have support), but the SoC vendor is certainly not cooperating with this effort, nor are their other SoCs working.

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