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Hi, I'm Dr. Q, I'm a Fediverse person from Russia. I do Fediverse stuff. In Russia.

I own - the largest (probably?) Mastodon instance in ex-USSR.

I maintain @rf - a Fediverse group bot that helps people anyone who speaks Russian, to connect to a wider RU-Fediverse community, with ~1600 members.

I run XXIV Production ( - a consolidation of RU-Fediverse's video creators and live streamers.

I coordinate and appear on on a bi-weekly podcast called "Regular Expressions" (by XXIV Production) to comment on the Fediverse issues and events, along with other RU-Fediverse creators.

I organize live events and meetings for the Fediversians around the Moscow area. I claim that the Fediverse is a tool for forging real friendships and relationships.

I speak Fedi at live events.

If you like what I'm doing, and you want RU-Fedi to grow, please support me on Patreon:

I'll be happy with whatever coin you throw my way. $1 is _not nothing_.

"Adding end-to-end encryption to WhatsApp was a huge benefit for all their users, regardless of their intensions. It added privacy to the most popular messaging application.

[...] This research shows that there are still several methods left for law enforcement and intelligence, most of which due to “usability first” instead of “privacy first” paradigm in WhatsApp user experience that created a void for law enforcement. Law enforcement officers were no longer able to read along the content of WhatsApp messages. However, the scenarios and method presented in this research partially recuperate the position of law enforcement agencies. But this problem wasnever on its own, the growing amount of encrypted data traffic forces researches to think of new scenarios and methods of intervention in criminal activities. A simple wiretap does no longer provide the needed insight.

The research done on #whatsapp can also be done on apps like #Telegram, #Signal, #Threema, #Viber, #Wickr or #BlackBerry Messenger or less common providers such as #EncroChat or #SkyECC"

Some insights in the interception methods of Dutch Police

"Turn your audience into a business." is one of the worst things I have read in a while

More fun publisher surveillance:
Elsevier embeds a hash in the PDF metadata that is *unique for each time a PDF is downloaded*, this is a diff between metadata from two of the same paper. Combined with access timestamps, they can uniquely identify the source of any shared PDFs.

You know, I tend to think of Bandcamp as just like a storefront. I go there when there's something specific I want to buy, but otherwise, I don't really ever go there.

But I'm quickly learning you can do a lot worse for finding new music than going to Bandcamp, clicking on a genre tag you like and playing whatever comes up.

New project: small, portable, self-contained square/digital/noise/logic synth! I'll be using mostly cmos logic chips to generate weird sounds and rhythms using square/pulse waves. this kind of synth is called a "Lunetta"

progress so far: got a small box to contain it; got a power jack, power switch, LED power indicator installed; small speaker with holes drilled for more sound; and an arduino for midi control and more square/logic generation

next up: LM386 power amp to power the speaker, then some square wave oscillators

Bah, fuck the cloud.

I miss how it was in the 90s. If you wanted hosting you called your friend who rented an office downtown, and physically hauled a minitower PC there and put it on a shelf.

It crashes? Call your friend have them mash the reset button.

Have a home battery system? We'd love to hear from you! We're keen to know if hobbyists have tried to use their software freedom and right to repair to modify and improve home battery system controllers or gateways. Reply here or email us:

Roman concrete is truly built different, and a new analysis of the materials used to build the Tomb of Caecilia Metella reveals the secrets of its durability.

Prettier Previews and Redesigned Reactions!

Available later today #pixelfed #metroUI

I am not some crypto proponent myself, but seeing people demonize it to absurd lengths, while implying the US dollar is somehow 'less evil' is extremely funny to me.

Same with the environmental impact of proof of work, while having nothing to say about the environmental impact of the U.S. military.

@PINE64 Pro is on the way, should be here by the end of the week. 🎉

Well, at least I know what my weekend looks like already.

A multi billion dollar company emails OSS devs they never paid a cent to demanding a response for free within 24 hours with lots of info 😂

Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by business models.

management engine can now be exploited remotely via WiFi

And for those of us not on Intel, there's always Pluton coming, yay!

A friend from the Warsaw Hackerspace made a thing:

This webpage will exploit your LG webOS smart TV, gain local root privileges, and install the webOS Homebrew Channel.

I almost wish I had an LG "smart" TV!

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