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@rugk @sheogorath Yep, I did. I shared the *localhost* URL on my development machine publicly on Mastodon.

And if you can reach that, I have far greater problems ;)

What Julian Assange revealed about the crimes of Tony Blair - who is embrolled in scandal today after receiving knighthood

The FSF runs on membership dues and donations, the more members the stronger our herd. Help us achieve our goal of adding 500 new members. Join today, and share our messages with the hashtag #UserFreedom:

lmao microsoft broke exchange because it stores version info as a number including the year and 2022 made that number too big for its datatype

Did You Know: Bluetooth is named after the 10th century Norwegian king Harald Bluetooth, who was also not able to reliably connect to audio devices wirelessly.

I have successfully upraded an §elementaryOS laptop from 5 -> 6 by replacing 'bionic' with 'focal' in apt/sources.list and the .d/* occurances.

A little dance with apt update && apt dist-upgrade && apt auto-remove did the rest.

At one point I needed to do a apt --fix-installed update again to break a dependency cycle.

May this be useful for you.

GPL is basically the software equivalent of Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.

Those who have a problem with it do so because they don’t want to share alike.

They want to take but not give.

So you decide how you feel about that.

Trickle-down economics is the theory that if I eat both my lunch and your lunch, this will somehow eventually prove nutritious for you too.

(It’s the lie we tell starving people to keep them from slitting our throats.)

The online discussion re Matrix 4 basically boils down to:

Hey, the last 2 films were bad, but I am going to see the third one anyway.

It turns out it's really, really bad. :surprised_pikachu_face

Pretty disappointed by GoLand's level of support for generics - it essentially boils down to not complaining about brackets for generic params. There's no inference, autocompletion etc.

Granted, Go 1.18 is not out till mid/late Feb. next year so there's still time to add proper support.

But why make it sound like you support generics at all at this point ?

Goes on => looks at trending repositories => sees log4j scanners top to bottom.

Feels good to finally be able to enable the Get It On AppCenter button the Comet web site :)

#elementaryOS #comet #git #editor

@lanodan @stefan
> decentralised software shouldn't have a flagship/official instance
this x10000000

Framasoft launched Mobilizon correctly

They contacted some people known to run similar services (such as myself) and asked us if we would be able to have Mobilizon set up in time for launch. When they launched, the webpage looked exactly like it does now; Framasoft runs their own instance but it's just one of many French options with nothing setting it apart :02smile:

In a #sed substitution pattern, you can use any character as a separator instead of /
Useful for path or urls:

#Linux #UNIX

reddit just autobanned me from /r/landlord for participating in the subreddit /r/latestagecapitalism that's hilarious, thank you reddit

December Update:

Year in review & sneak peek at 2022

#pinephonepro EE available soon!

#pinedio PP(P)case now works

#Quartz64 dev report; HDMI out & GPU work

PP(P) keyboard available early Jan 2022

#pinetime game demo and BLE encryption

And much more!

We've published a blog post to explain the impact of the log4j security vulnerabilities on the Matrix ecosystem: TL;DR: if you run your own Jitsi or signald (or other java-based component), you need to apply mitigations immediately.

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