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Other than fundamental constraints like Ordered being declared in a stdlib package one has to import, so far am very pleased with how generics have turned out.

Yes it took a long time, but at the same time it feels like Go's maturing with me, I am much more confident as a dev than when I started, I feel like I know where I want to go in life etc, and now Go's even landed generics, something that seemed so untenable a decade ago. Plus to top it off, my holiday break is about to start...

"Because the cloud fucked up one too many times, so Mommy decided to set up her own networked cloud with the other mommies in the neighborhood in a mesh network and distributed fault-tolerant storage"

Soundux is an open-source, cross-platform soundboard for playing sounds on livestreams, video calls and maybe on theather plays if you're doing something simple :)
You can assign global hotkeys to trigger specific sounds, as well as make your computer keyboard work like a launchpad.
#Audio #Sound #Linux #FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #FreeSoftware #Soundux

I'm always sceptical about the long term benefit to Britain from this so-called "boom" in the TV/film industry when so much of it is dependent on American corporates and subject to tax relief and mostly only provides short term jobs - also they are adding movie productions with TV series together.

I wonder what the figures were in 1980s when we had 16 commercial TV regions all investing in production *and* the same movie studios used by Hollywood?

UK Politics / Anti-protest laws 🇬🇧 

I was watching BBC Question Time and an audience member commented that there's a lot of attention to government officials having parties during COVID lockdown which served as a distraction to the passing of the bill to make protesting the government illegal.

The response from the host? 'Well, that's not the question that was being discussed. Let's get back to the Christmas party discussion'

#BBCQT #BBC #UKpolitics #UK #Politics

All the torrent dweebs switched to h.265, a codec the Raspberry Pi 3 does not have hardware for decoding, because they are constantly on a quest to find the most difficult to handle video codecs.

@TheGibson @rysiek Answering myself: It's the latter.

"The vulnerability resides in the way specially crafted log messages were handled by the Log4j processor. Untrusted strings (e.g. those coming from input text fields, such as web application search boxes) containing content like ${jndi:ldap://} would trigger a remote class load, message lookup, and execution of the associated content if message lookup substitution was enabled."

We're working on our first few episodes, recording music and sound effects, and generally getting things polished and ready to be released.

And that means it's time to start soliciting contributors.

If you'd like to participate in a collaborative CC-BY-SA space adventure, let me know and I'll get you an invite to the preview site.

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[help wanted] Vous étudiez/travaillez dans une université ?

Nous cherchons des exemples d'Universités (hors Paris3) qui auraient passé contrat avec Google ou Microsoft ces dernières années.

C'est pour un ami ©
Messages privés possibles.

Merci ! (n'hésitez pas à faire tourner)

@MatejLach we need gov'ts to recognise the importance of digital infrastructure and find it, like they do physical infrastructure (or perhaps better :) as some of them are pretty crap at that, too - yes, US, looking at you). These tools are core to most people's software interaction whether they realise it or not.

It's not like Debian has the capacity to backport important security fixes on its own, for packages unsupported by upstream they'll just be left in a state of decay forever.

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This is a good read on why all those claiming the likes of are more stable, production ready or whatever else than Arch, Fedora, Gentoo etc. are full of it.

Debian is not more stable, it's just old. That's it. Unless you're on a non-stable branch of Debian you're getting outdated, flawed software that's full of (known(!) security holes.

I am sorry folks but this is not my idea of maturity, stability or whatever else people want to claim.

I don’t know how you could go through the Health Insurance Exchange process and come out still being an optimistic liberal. They had 59 senators plus an allied independent and this garbage is what we got. What’s the hopeful pitch after that? Like even if they could assemble a coalition with the will to do something about climate change, we’d just get the Insurance Exchange version of climate change legislation, some over-complicated, opaque do-nothing bureaucracy. That’s the best they’ve got.

Bonfire aims to empower communities with tools to perform social, economic and political activities. Create safe and private spaces, and connect with the fediverse on your own terms.

why is every manufacturer ever so in love with blue LEDs... There's so many other nice colors
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