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If you can read articles on the web and then rewrite them, YOU have what it takes to be a modern technical writer! </sarcasm>

I joined Facebook in 2004, when I was a wide-eyed sixteen-year-old about to head up north for college. The pattern of slowly shifting boundaries and reducing privacy began there.

Inside 'cult-like' Facebook, where employees only pretend to be happy all the time
'...Several former employees likened the culture to a “cult.” [....] mployees don’t complain in the workplace.

“There’s a real culture of ‘Even if you are f---ing miserable, you need to act like you love this place,’” said one ex-employee who left in October. “It is not OK to act like this is not the best place to work.”

[....] “You have invisible charges against you, and that figures mightily into your review,” said an employee who left in October. “Your negative feedback can haunt you for all your days at Facebook.”...'

"In the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines announcement, RMS explicitly states that diversity is not a goal of his."
- @emacsen

If you look at the whole quote, this totally misrepresents what Stallman is saying, which is about diversity within "a specific free software project". In other words, if a project has one developer, who happens to be a straight, white man, nothing is gained by trying to shoehorn gay, POC, or female developers into that project.

It turns out that there are many companies doing things similar to Cambridge Analytica

so I got my company collegues to agree to double the funding we had committed to help make bridge(4) mp safe in #OpenBSD
we have committed 6 days funding, and another person has committed to funding 1.5 days further dev work... #SMP #Bridge(4) anyone else want to help out in funding ... PM me .. and I can connect you to the dev directly ... Peace out and #RunBSD

When someone says 'it's been working forever', ask them to define 'working'.

Usually 'working' just means there's been no viable alternative so the thing has to 'work'.

@espectalll It was one of the big stories of last year, but Commons Clause is not really an open source license. I think they submitted it to OSI and it was rejected.

Also I'm not a copyright lawyer but my interpretation is that with copyleft licenses you can grant extra permissions as an addition to the license but I don't think you can add restrictions which conflict with the four freedoms. Commons clause tries to do that.

Slack closed thousands of accounts, out of the blue - citing US sanctions. Many closures were mistaken - data was lost without warning. Why allow your enterprise to rely on a centralized service when you can and should #selfhost and stay in control?

At the end of last year I received my Librem 5 devkit from @Purism, this week I'll play with it and toot about it. For the moment, here are photos of the devkit and what it came with, sizes are in centimeters and impressise because of perspective.

#Librem5 #DevKit

@MatejLach @KekunPlazas definitely concur: please respect $EDITOR (as in fact lots of things do).

that said, i was curious how, say, git decides on a default editor when it's not configured. turns out it's just a #define to "vi" that can be overridden in the Makefile. "use nano by default in places like this" seems like fine advice.

#PavelDurov the founder of #vkontakte and #telegram is lying about their software.

Pavel states that telegram is opensource, while it's actually *not*.

It's such an open and shameless lie, that one should ask, where else does he lie to me?

''In 2005, Pavel completed his training at the Faculty of Military Studies of St. Petersburg State University with a specialization in Propaganda and Psychological Warfare. While training with the Faculty of Military Studies, he served as Platoon Commander of the Philology Department. Upon completion, he was awarded the title of Lieutenant of the Reserve Force. Immediately after graduating in 2006, Pavel created the social network''

If you want to hide information using stegography you still want to encrypt it before hiding because stegography is just hiding it in noise in a file, while cryptography will make it look statistically random reducing the risk that someone accidentally discovers the contents stored in the noise, to an outside observer this will just look like noise, whereas if you didn't encrypt if someone is paying attention they may spot the extra contents.

#Libreture is an independent site for storing and organising eBooks online, with a guide to DRM-free bookshops and user pages for recommending books to others.

Accounts are free up to a storage limit, with paid accounts for extra storage.

The site is at:

and you can follow them on here at:


#AlternativesAtoZ #eBooks #e-books #Books #DRM #DRMfree

I just updated the firmware on my weed pipe if you wanna know what it's like to live in 2019

To start something like Web Inspector.

Most browsers implement the UI for these using web technologies, in part to say "look what we can accomplish!" And my goal with Memex is to show that my controversial decisions don't have to loose that.

But also these tools are extremely helpful to fix webpages and explore alternate designs. I don't want to loose that.

But most importantly they communicate a very read/write vision for the Web I want to amplify.

Hmmm...not sure this is the kind of positive story feminism is looking for.

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