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#OCaml now has a foundation! "Supporting the OCaml programming language and its ecosystem"

Announcement on #mailinglist along with upcoming new version:

Is there a way to search for a hashtag across the entire fediverse? Some kind of third party tool or something, so I could search for a tag even across instances that aren't federated with my own?

Two months into learning how the system worked so she could rewrite it, Rather realized she could get more done in a few hours of this undocumented Forth minicomputer system than she could in a week of hacking Fortran on big-iron mainframes. She quit her consulting job to work on the telescopes full-time and wrote the first Forth manual. Within a year she and Moore co-founded Forth, Inc. I love this story about Forth at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory; Moore wired up all the telescopes to be controlled interactively by a Forth program (reviewing old observations visually as new data was flowing in; interactive computing was almost unheard of at the time) but he was the only one who knew the language, so they brought in Rather to rewrite it in FORTRAN.

Oh and also #Pinafore now deploys to on every GitHub commit, meaning you can test bleeding-edge stuff there. We've also got Travis tests set up though, so hopefully stuff shouldn't be too broken.

It's starting to feel like a real open-source project! :blobaww: Travis badges and tests and everything. Good time for me to call it a night.

"Copyright is a tool of society, not its master; and if the tool has been made obsolete by more modern technology, it is time to discard it."

@0x3F @rysiek This might be a little political, but I believe that gaining market share as a top priority is a flawed goal in itself.

If Mastodons goal would have been market dominance, there would have been no need for an open federation protocol (as the userbase on non-Mastodon platforms is still small, even if growing now).

You wanna know my Serval specs?

4 legs of ram
A great CPU (Cat processing unit), very fast
As far as the GPU?
(grass per unit) none, she is meat powered, sadly
Don't even get me started on the PSU...Servals "mark" EVERYTHING
Water cooled too

All in all, great uptime, they last about 21 years

Apparently leaking your HDD encryption password in clear text several times in a few days is fine. So is having a single-operation 30+ year old filesystem until recently.

Fuchsia is not Linux:

=> "To people which don't understand the overall decision to create another system, I'll talk about at least one benefit to create a system that is not Linux: make software more simple and efficient. Do you really think that Linux is so great? Linux is a bloat system."

=> "Don't worry, by the time it is complete and mature, it will be complex and full of quirks too."

=> "What do you make of, for instance, OS X?"

Lol, forgot Hacker News thinks OSX is lean/good software.

I'm looking for contracting opportunities, and would like to know if the fediverse has any.

My skills: I am familiar with GTK, the Web, Python, Git, free software in general, and much more. I have a BSc, Computer Science. enjoy efficiently computing answers to problems, as well as designing UIs that are instantly familiar to your users. And if pressed I can do *some* graphic design (e.g. my avatar here/Odysseus's app icon).

Please DM me if interested.

And please boost this toot!

Is there a word for looking at Hackernews threads about things that you're searching for just to see how viciously the users there hate it?

Do you have a youtube channel? I've been really shit about checking them out.

Tell me about your channel so I can subscribe!

Does someone have knowledge with #GDPR? What changes do I need to apply in the privacy policy even if the instance owns data? What about boosts that can be cached inside the app? Do I have to remove cache for them? I am quite lost. Any advices would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hey @Messgorough , I still didn't get a source from you on your claim that "Signal has previous history of breaches"

Here's your toot:

Again, this is an important issue to many people at risk who use Signal daily. Can you provide a source, or not? #InfoSec

@federicomena Check this out, a vector drawing library on top of Vulcan with an API similar to Cairo's.

So my work situation has gotten kind of precarious, so I'm going to preemptively put this up here:

If you or someone you know needs copy to be written or edited, I'm your guy! I have a BA in English, an MA in Film Studies, and two years' experience being nose-deep in package scripts and teleprompter copy for newscasts.

And just so you know, that crack in my bio about reviewing DTV for tips isn't a joke.

#jobs #writing #editing

Someone once posted an infographic of what all the directories at the root of a Unix/Linux operating system are for, and it was beautiful and instructive, but I did not save it and now it is gone forever

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