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I'm real glad capitalism is taking on the big problems, like "how to get ladies to buy more cheese powder-crusted tortilla chips"

My podcast, Second Decade, has been picked up by a network! The Recorded History network just launched today, and I've got a new episode up on the #history of #Australia. Take a listen!

This might just get me back to Firefox:

"Mozilla has always been a proponent of #decentralization, recognizing that it is a key ingredient of a healthy Internet. Starting with Firefox 59, several protocols that support decentralized architectures are available for use by extensions. The newly approved protocols are:

Dat Project (dat://)
IPFS (dweb:// ipfs:// ipns://)
Secure Scuttlebutt (ssb://)"

#ipfs #dat

not to beat this dead horse again, but: 2 word processors, 5 document viewers, two calendars, a geocaching tool, a spreadsheet app, a fax (?) utility, a GUI for... something, something for radiation therapy, a dictionary, and a tool for making phone calls.

Seriously. Really. And this is at the very top of the category.

Like, does this make any sense? Who do I ask to use their brain for several tens of seconds?

Yes the multiaccount feature for Tusky is done. Took me much longer than expected but it turned out really good :3

, (the code search tool), now supports - - so excited, it will be SO much easier to find usage examples for various APIs now.

Nice article by @nextcloud folks about their current and future ActivityPub support! (Or is it ActivityPup? Don't fix that... cutest typo of all time!)

(HT @falgn0n for the link)

@kemonine We're flooded with so much consumable media in so many forms that it's always going to be possible to draw comparisons to previous works even if the connections are tenuous and/or entirely coincidental. It doesn't matter. Tell your story, tell it your way.

@grainloom I was thinking "how can I replace rake with make" and one thing led to another and now there's blood everywhere good hell what am I going to do about this

@grainloom Until you start messing with their RSS files and discover that instead of using the RSS spec, they put everything in fucking ItunesExtension tags which is nightmare to deal with.

#Blockstack has been making some interesting progress on enabling the construction of #decentralized apps. I'll need to try out their new multi-player storage tutorial in my copious spare time.

@cypnk @cacahuatl The pilot wave theory of quantum mechanics is legitimately cool stuff. It's a hidden variable theory, and I think those are pretty passé right now in quantum physics, but it's at least more understandable than the nondeterministic theories. And the "materialized pilot wave" videos are really cool:

One great thing about having your resume on Michigan Talent Connect is you get to find out all of the myriad ways that your past experience might align with whatever a recruiter is trying to fill.

For example, my past experience as a mostly indoors computer programmer with system administration experience might align with TruGreen, a fertilizer company.

Though on retrospect perhaps they are right: I seem to be an expert in bullshit.

Let us take a moment to appreaciate that #podcasts use #rss instead of forcing us to download a closed source client by some tech giant.

So hosting this instance on was the first real attempt to try an "enterprise-grade" distro, (as opposed to something like ), hearing from people that "Arch is too unstable for the server" and the like. Just had my renewal fail, because updates ovverrode the version of pyOpenSSL that it was depending on. That doesn't sound "enterprise-grade" to me.

P.S. Also, certobot's service didn't stop Nginx before complaining that port 443 is in use. 😞

Today I made #Letterpaper.
I used the #mastodon logo and elephant. I made two sheets of paper and two images to be printed on envelope.

I hope I can share the result with you.

I did not find much information on the licence, but if I remember correctly @Gargon
said it was put unter some creative commons licence.

#question: To whon should I give credit and how? 🤔 ❓

#mastodon #letterpaper #art #mastoart

To conclude this thread: please don't treat open-source maintainers as the goose who laid the golden egg. They don't owe you anything. If they tell you it's too much work to maintain some piece of functionality, either offer to maintain it yourself or support them in their decision.

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