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Honestly, the "AT" / protocol looks cleaner and more well defined than does, but does that matter?

Will it ever be more than some VC backed app that *claims* to be open in its marketing materials, but in practice you can't take your "repository" anywhere because there's no other worthwhile AT servers running or even alternative implementations?

I guess it's a wait and see but is the closest we have to a "widely adopted" protocol. Doubt AT can rival that.

Looking for #iOS developers to work in tandem with our UX designers on our open-source iOS app on a contract basis. Please reach out to if you're interested.

the kernel finally lands a 'good' implementation.

Waiting to read all about how the superior, integrated development model of as opposed to the 'fragmented' / model helped them be only 2+ years late after initially wanting to ship a subpar quality module.

I'm happy this is landing, but it shows that there's nothing inherently 'superior' about their model as such.

At the current growth rate everyone in England will be a former prime minister by 2100

@rysiek that is completely backwards. the hardware for a bottom-up infrastructure is basically in place, everyone has a rounter at home already, often with overlapping wifi. increasingly people even build mesh networks within their homes.

but software and protocols aren't built to make use of this at all. sometimes because it's hard, often because centralized control is either just thought of as the default or explicitly desired.

I keep trying to keep up with what is happening in China bc it seems like some important stuff is going down at the moment, but all the reporting is so insulting to my intelligence. It's deeply unserious and you're not actually supposed to think about it.

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"Xi Jinping unveils cabinet stacked with loyalists"
Unlike American politicians, who only work with their sworn enemies

Can you imagine how dispiriting it must be to work on the web team at Medium?

Embedded YouTube video: "Fullscreen is not available"

Me: right clicks twice, click "Fullscreen" menu option in Firefox.

The web is the dumbest fucking platform.

Ok, so GTK4 Epiphany port is finally in main. Took just about 7 months, mostly rebasing. The timing is great as about a week ago GtkTreeView and a bunch of other stuff got deprecated and ephy is still using that quite a lot.

Hello folks! We have been busy and working on some fancy new features behind the scene, some of which are already live, some of which are soon to come. We published a blog post about them at, which is especially interesting if you are operating a channel. As usual, feel free to contact us with any questions, remarks or suggestions you might have. Thanks for flying Libera!

We're now offering a hosted translation service for your projects at https.//, and these are the first projects using it.

Check it out and start localizing #FreeSoftware.

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Plasma 5.26 has landed! Check out the new features and flexibility of Plasma's widgets, the spectacular adaptive and animated wallpapers, and how to power your TV with Plasma Big Screen.

Someone on Gumtree is giving away "Free holes". Further down the description it says it's hard clay soil, approx 50, bring your own shovel.
Is this person just trying to get people to dig holes for them?

Yesterday I designed a circuit which converts a coordinated-sorted sequence of sprites into a video signal. But how would I convert a styled webpage into input appropriate for that circuit?

For that I'd want circuitry which gives me the sheer concurrency modern GPUs provide, but within a sequence of preorder & postorder tree traversals. To simplify things lets incorrectly assume this is a binary tree.

Direct RAM access outside this tree would be unnecessary.


No fan of but I find it curious how every single mention of it has to have / Chinese in it and of course there's 'issues' with that.

I doubt it doesn't have the long-term effect of associating everything Chinese with 'problematic', thus spreading xenophobia.

But the whole world should have absolutely no issues with US owned , , , , , , , etc. because the U.S. has proven over and over that it cares, right?

Looks like #Telegram leaks usernames in #TLS SNI:


TLS SNI is sent in *clear text*, because it is a mechanism that informs the server hosting multiple websites on a single IP address which TLS certificate to present to the client.

Putting username in SNI makes it *trivial* for anyone listening on the wire to track who and when is communicating with Telegram servers. Add some timing analysis and one can reason about who is talking to whom.

Metadata kills.


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