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A straightforward introduction to Nix Flakes, a feature of the Nix package manager which, honestly, has become a game changer for project management for me.

Nix Flakes: an Introduction

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I know I'm a tiny bit biased but the Mastodon Android app is legitimately one of the most fun Android apps to poke around in. @grishka added tons of micro-interactions that make it an absolute joy to use #mastodev

BTW, there's so much misinformation on grounding shielded Ethernet cables. It's what happens when you ask IT people an EE problem. The correct answer is found in RF/EMC books.

1. "Cable needs grounding." And people looks for ground rods. No. Grounding, in this context, means the shield needs connections to your equipment, typically chassis, to block RF effectively. AC mains or Earth is irrelevant.

2. In proper industrial equipment, when a cable is plugged in, it's automatically grounded to chassis (less ideally, PCB) via metal connectors. You don't need to do anything.

3. In cheap consumer systems with plastic connectors, shielded cables are thus unsupported and useless.

4. For safety, you do need to "ground" the shield to AC Earth. But if needed, your equipment already does that. In building-wide or outdoor installs, it's complicated (lightning, local potential difference) and needs careful designs. But still, it's just extra work, irrelevant to the main purpose of RF shielding. #electronics #libreops

URL Frontier is a project that develops a crawler-neutral API for any operations a web crawler would do when talking to a web frontier. Think of 'get the next URLs to crawl, update the information about URLs already processed, change the crawl rate for a particular hostname', etcetera.It aims to serve a variety of open source web crawlers, such as StormCrawler, Heritrix and Apache Nutch. The project just released version 1.1, check it out ->


In the past decade, I've experienced burnout myself and seen other people get damaged in various ways. It is a common misconception to consider burnout a flaw of those who can't handle a "fast-paced" environment, but it is a much deeper and layered problem.


love how phishing awareness teaches us to never click a link in an email with an unknown domain, yet industry standard for bulk-mail campaigns is to send all clicks through a redirector for tracking and it's always some third god damn party you never heard of

Linux App Summit 2022's call for proposals is now open and will run until the 18th or March. If you would like to speak about gaming, ecosystem growth, platform diversity, app innovation, or any other Linux App-related topic, submit your talk now.

I always have mixed feelings when I see really creative and interesting advertisements. On the one hand, I appreciate them for the art they are. On the other hand, it's frustrating that we as a society struggle to support art unless it's selling something

"it's server less!"

Oh so it's peer to peer?

"No it's in, the cloud"

Not only is the performance of Snap incredibly horrid, apparently it's horribly insecure also.

Bharat Jogi and team at Qualys found the flaws in the snap-confine function on Linux operating systems. Approximately 40 million users are at risk.

Hi everyone 👋

We've been doing a lot of thinking about how we run Funkwhale recently. After some discussion and research, we'd like to propose a new way forward.

Check out our blog for more information!

I thought firefox was bogging my computer down. No, it was teams and discord having a swap-fight.

I used WebGPU to spawn 256 × 65536^2 = ~1.1 trillion threads on my GPU, and it visually froze my entire MBA for about 4 seconds.

I am not sure why I even tried spawning 256 × 65536^3 = ~72 quadrillion threads, but my screen is just black now. According to math, for 72+ hours.

would cool if now after Google Fonts and Google Analytics, some EU country could also find some creepier shit like Palantir to be against the GDPR, or, you know, against their constitution or democratic values or some shit like that.

"just use email" -- in principle, yes! its an open standard, federated, widely used and understood.

in practice though its an unusable mess, and onto of that has mostly been swallowed by google and microsoft.

platforms like sourcehut try and insist people use email "the right way" but that misses the point. all this crap *is* email now. if i have to carefully configure my email experience just right to work with your platform, well then i'm not "just using email" anymore am i

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