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🇬🇧Are you also concerned that the EU wants to ban anonymous/protected domains and mandate identification of domain owners incl. your address and phone number?
✊Here is information on what you can do before the vote:

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So now, opening Developer Tools and peeking at the HTML code is "hacking":

> “The state is committed to bringing to justice anyone who hacked our systems or anyone who aided them to do so,” Parson continued. “A hacker is someone who gains unauthorized access to information or content. This individual did not have permission to do what they did. They had no authorization to convert or decode, so this was clearly a hack.”

We need to take that term back for the #hacker community.

Dangerous spam alert: Watch out for unexpected DMs which claim that "Someone cloned your profile." The link points to a malware site.

Hello FediTips users!

I don't have any donation links and don't normally ask for donations.

However, the person who hosts my Fediverse account has been hit with extremely large energy bills lately 😔

If you appreciate FediTips, could you show some love to the hoster @stux who makes FediTips possible? ❤️

Stux's donation link is here:

➡️ (scroll down to the section marked "support the community")

Alternatively, if you are looking to run your own site, get a plan from Stux's independent hosting service @Stuxhost (

Stux runs lots of free libre services to help people looking for privacy (, and has done for years. However, servers mean energy bills, and energy has got expensive lately, so now Stux needs our help!

Looks like Debian's changing its democratic processes just to be able to boot out (or similar changes) in the future. Talk about not being able to take the outcome of a majority vote.

I expect to become even more conservative and weary of adopting anything remotely interesting than before. This may suit some, but it will certainly ensure that other distros get to set the direction of the wider ecosystem more, likely translating to a more vibrant stream of devs/users for them.

Good morning! Have you heard the good news about, a really cool little document/configuration language that's a really fun mishmash between yaml/json/xml with the best of all worlds for stuff like configs?

Please check it out! It even has type annotations

@kensanata It goes further, most programming languages are based on English grammar as well. Even assembly language usually has verb-subject syntax.

This is one of the reasons that led me to create Haku, my Japanese programming language that I have been posting about recently: what happens if we use a different language with a different writing system and a different grammar?

TIL: A shady company grabbed .sucks as a top level domain and is now shaking companies to pay up for brand 'protection'.

Another of many where the founder(s) unquestionably worked sleepless nights and pulled themselves by their bootstraps to provide the world with a service it did not know it needed.

Wow they really make it as difficult as possible to not be capitalist. Want to open a bank account for your capitalist business? Easy online application. Cooperative business? Everyone must be simultaneously present in a physical bank branch.

Once more, for the fediverse folks this time:

Future of Privacy Forum have helpfully compiled a list of people/orgs to NOT trust on privacy (it’s the list of their supporters and advisory board).

If you feel you’ve been unfairly included, you should probably remove yourself.

#privacy #privacyWashing #FutureOfPrivacy

"For simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, McCoy was being investigated and, as a result, his Google data was at risk of being handed over to the police. (...) It’s a concerning trend, argue experts and advocates. They worry the increase signals the start of a new era, one in which law enforcement agencies find ever more creative ways to obtain user information from data-rich tech companies."

Only yesterday a techbro told me data collection is "inevitable"

⚠️ Important news

There's a new @fdroidorg app called #AirGuard protecting you from being tracked by AirTags.

It scans your surroundings for devices that someone might have put into your pocket to track you via #Apple's #FindMy surveillance network and alerts you if a device is following you.

Download it here: 🔗

Given the level of technology we have today, if your system does not provide adequate sustenance, accommodation, education, and healthcare for all, it is not because it can’t; it’s because it is designed not to.

The Mastodon for #iOS TestFlight version now has multi-account login. The TestFlight invite on our Patreon still works! Though the feature will soon be available in the public release.

This of course presuming that ICANN’s headquarters being in the U.S. and most of its rank and file being American has no effect on the U.S. government control of the internet.

Of course it does, thinking otherwise is naive.

They effectively get the benefit of 'not controlling it' publicly, while of course still very much controlling it.

This paper's whole premise relies on a PR stunt by the Obama admin, nothing more.

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Does this joke of a paper really qualify as 'academic output' nowdays?

It uses ICANN’s publicly known and widely criticised failures to assert that the U.S. should take more direct control of the internet once again ignoring the fact that if there's one organisation in the world many trust even less than ICANN, it is the U.S. government.

For me personally, the U.S. seizing news websites .com / .net domains from its so called 'state enemies' is enough.

Here at the intersection of "built to last" and "things fitting perfectly into other things", the MNT Reform laptop fits _exactly_ into a Saddleback front pocket leather satchel with no room at all to spare. (cc: @mntmn )

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