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The company I work at is hiring.

Want to work at a sustainable webhosting company that cares about human rights, privacy, a open internet and all that kind of good stuff?

Have a look at our vacancies:

Today I played a bit with Builder + deviced after reading this:

Builder compiles your project for the target architecture (in my case a OnePlus 6 / aarch64) using qemu and installs it on your mobile device (without having to use a cable!).

@sean @dansup @Gargron @Claire my experience with Diaspora* Aspects was that pretty quickly I lost track of who's in which aspect. The complexity and related friction of managing that became... hard to manage.

On fedi a kind of alternative is using alts that have different sets of followers and different privacy settings. That seems to happen already.

Throwing shit on the wall here, but maybe it would be better to streamline such use of alts?

Unpopular opinion: blocking someone at a user level does not mean they are anti-free speech. Free speech means you have the right to speak, that does not mean you can force other people to listen to you or take you seriously.

Something I've been noticing with the whole scanning your device content fiasco is that a lot of the rhetoric centres around the ability of China/Russia to misuse this.

While true and may serve a rhetorical purpose, this is being rolled out in the U.S. only. Clearly not at the CCP's request.

Americans need to be able and willing to first admit that oftentimes it is just fellow Americans doing unethical shit to their fellow Americans. You'd never improve your own country otherwise.

New blog post: "Improving responsiveness in text inputs"

I had a Mastodon thread about this recently, so I decided to blog about it. It really bothers me when text inputs are slow to type into, so hopefully these tips will help webdevs to improve their text inputs.

Almost 5,000 people – security & privacy experts, cryptographers, researchers, professors, legal experts and Apple customers – have signed the open letter to decry Apple’s plans to undermine privacy and end-to-end encryption.

Apple has called us “the screeching voice of the minority.”

Join us! Let’s show King Tim what the screeching minority thinks of his plans to violate personhood in the digital network age.

If you have a github account, you can join Ed Snowden, myself and what Apple today called the "screeching voices of the minority" of objectors in co-signing the first letter uniting security & privacy experts, researchers, professors, policy advocates, and consumers against #Apple's planned moves against all of our #privacy:

#firefox doesn't need to be remotely as big as Chrome or as IE was before Chrome... It just needs to be big enough to matter in privacy and open standards and to keep the other browser makers honest.

But this is a troubling loss of the only mainstream browser not owned by a major advertiser or tech giant.

The internet is a much better place if Firefox can claw its way back to 10-15 percent market share.
It's now hovering at around 8 percent with Chrome at 70+%....

They can't put backdoors in your computer if you build it yourself with a bunch of 7400 chips

also, if you're looking for a remote programming job with a fully remote company working on a video teleconferencing system for creatives, hit me up and let's chat about what you like to do.


Crickets from the "invade Cuba now to 'liberate' them" people, could it have something to do with the fact that Colombia is a capitalist ally of the U.S.? 🤔 Almost as if these people weren't really concerned about human rights.

Police all over America are regularly asking Shotspotter, the AI-powered microphones that "detect gunshots" to fabricate gunshots from thin air for court proceedings, according to court records we obtained.

Interesting to read: megi's PinePhone Development Log

2021–07–26: The latest #Pinephone #keyboard prototype

If you answered the poll on twitter, please do not answer this one as well. Thanks.

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