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Sorry, a little bit late but
this is my entry for the #ArtReference from last sunday.

I hope you like it.

#art #mastoart #traditionalart
😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

Japan really has mastered being passive aggressive

"Kobe neighborhood occasionally held hostage by owner of only bridge out"

Basically, the developers didn't transfer ownership to the town and it passed hands over the years to one guy (which wasn't supposed to happen). The bridge isn't in good shape and he wants the town or the people to buy it for 12 million yen

This week in KDE -- All the Things! Things like Kate and KWrite having touchscreen scrolling support; or a single line display for the panel clock; or a new “Quick Settings” page for System Settings... (There are more things!)

Someone made a full-blown OS for the Kobo e-Reader based on Alpine Linux (and Qt for the eReader part)- Pretty cool #linux #kobo #ereader #alpine #ebook

The official Android app for #czech census. All it does is it opens the web browser on the census page. Which does not currently work, sorry. The app size is 1.4 megabytes...

The domain belongs to all members of the PINE64 community. Got a PINE64 project going? Did you write a #PinePhone app or hacked new functionality into the #PinebookPro?

You're welcome to share your ideas on our blog! Reach out to a mod in the chats or forum.


there's this interesting talk on BSD projects' code quality / issue management, comparing FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD regarding their response to kernel bugs found via a specific fuzzing method:

Got an ok from DEFCON to post an illustration I've done for them!! (ok specifically they said it's ok to put in my portfolio..but since the event this image was for has already happened, hopefully it's ok)

To top it off, the original author was a evicting people and via criminal methods at that, which is really hard to do in the U.S. I feel like.

But when the creator of WireGuard called this guy's code out for being shitty, the developers came to his defense.

Yes, to the defense of the guy writing shit code and kicking people out on the street via threatening emails and the like, but then why am I not surprised.

But hey, look over here at RMS making some crude comments.

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"How did so much sub-par code make it so far into a major open source operating system? Where was the code review which should have stopped it? And why did both the FreeBSD core team and Netgate seem more focused on the fact that the code was being disparaged than its actual quality?"

Well, the community was always on a high horse about how their OS is faster, better, more polished and integrated than

Alright, after a bunch of last-minute fixes the GNOME 40 mini-site is finally done. Happy release day everyone 🎉

#TIL China has a national standard, SM9, on Identity-Based Cryptography. IBC is a cool cryptosystem, there's a math connection between your public key and your name (username, domain name, etc), so everyone can use your name as the public key without any authorities or key servers, nevertheless its traditional form has a huge technical limitation - it requires a Key Generation Center to generate your private keys. "All your key are belong to us!"

There's an RFC draft to include it in TLS, and see how the backdoor is justified... Man-in-the-Middle attacks can be detected by forensic analysis, are you kidding me?

To be fair, the CA PKI system has the same backdoor - in both systems the authorities can pretend to be anyone, if you use the key strictly for signing, not encryption, arguably IBC is not worse than PKI.

But at least a CA leaves an auditable record if you enforce Certificate Transparency requirements. Meanwhile IBC KGC can do the same without leaving a trace. #cryptography

@bob @alcinnz @xerz yes, in part that's true. Also, I think that corporations mounted a concerted marketing effort to make being principled (and sticking to those principles) look like being difficult and unreasonable. They succeeded, just like they succeeded in making "open source" no longer include Free Software within it. Marketing, sadly, works (my thoughts on that -

Funny how all reports about the drama say that a letter asking for his removal has been signed by "hundreds of members of the free software community", without mentioning that there's also a letter supporting him that's been signed by "hundreds of members of the free software community".

The letter:

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