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you can play most songs on just one string. anything more is pure vanity

Pinetab and the terminal 

Due to the limitations of this hardware (as well as my love for the terminal) I have settled into doing nearly everything in a terminal emulator. I am using sway and have a terminal emulator open on 6 different virt desktops for various things. One of them has a web browser that I try to keep to 3 tabs or less.

the shared clipboard functionality of kdeconnect is 💯

reading an email on your phone that has a link in it but you know the link will be better on a bigger screen? just copy the url to your phone's clipboard and hit paste in the url field of a new tab on your laptop. magic.

I've just discovered - an open source translation API which can be self-hosted.

That's another one on the list of things to spin up when I get some time!

#libretranslate #Translation #FOSS #OpenNMT #selfhosted

Coming up in ~2 hours, I'm giving at talk on @spritelyproject's at FOSDEM: "
Spritely Goblins: a distributed journey"

This one has some very interesting bits about how we might collaborate with the Guile and Guix worlds too!

Best part about libhandy: it lets me remove a ton of code where apps were re-implementing the same thing in different ways.

Did you miss our #GTK chat hour yesterday? We have another one starting now (13:00-14:00 CET).


I'm really excited about the upcoming FOSDEM talk about GNU Mes!

It'll start in 15 minutes from now. You can watch it live at:

"A much more complex world than what is shown in Blade Runner, which inspired it, and a more in-depth and realistic reflection of the dilemma insinuated by the replicants" -Nerdando
Help me finish Neofeud 2 by picking up NF1!
#cyberpunk #indiedev

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Oh damn! This tiny handheld can emulate up to game boy advance currently and they say their goal is to emulate up to PS1. It looks cool as heck, like a teensy GBA SP. It is even open hardware and software.

#migra is a #publicdomain #database migration assistant.

migra is a tool that performs a #diff on two #PostgreSQL schemas, producing a set of commands that transforms one schema into the other. These commands can then be run on a live database which uses the original schema to result in a database using the new schema, while retaining the original data.

Website 🔗️:

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #sysadmin

Is there an alternative to product hunt that isn't like *waves hand around* you know?

I like browsing projects but a lot of the projects they have are oriented on some not great things

So F(L)OSS or low-tech etc. focused product hunt alternative that updates regularly? Is that a thing?

I just get so mad when I think of th is last decade of computing, how we finally got powerful, amazing computers in the hands and pockets of everyday users everywhere, and iOS and Android tag-teamed getting users to expect them as consumption-only devices :\


I was talking with one sound engineer over a post-gig beer, and he was telling me about his favourite bass amp.

It uses tube-valves that are made by one Japanese engineer that used to work for the company that originally made the valves.

When the company decided to stop making those valves, he bought the equipment that had been used to make them form his company.

He then retired, and is now making them and selling them on Ebay.

He is now the only source of those valves. :D

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