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@antifapolska @xgqt yup, can confirm. I used to be active in FLOSS activism in Poland way back when, and Pawlak was pretty much the only politician that seemed to understand that this stuff is important, and why.

There is a Polish Pirate Party, but last time I checked (years ago) it was overrun by opportunistic dweebs. I mean, the main banner on their site used to tell users to "like them on Facebook". 🤦‍♀️

Their site seems better now, but... well, judge for yourself:

I'm so angry.

The EU offered the UK visa-free travel for UK musicians to tour in the EU ... and the UK government turned them down.

If you have a Tory MP ... please ask them why they are choosing to decimate my industry.

@angristan “Fundamentally different to mastodon” proceeds to describe mastodon in single-user mode

@angristan I’ve seen a couple of these “I want to build a Twitter alternative” people pop up in the last few days and what unites them is that they’re not interested in hearing the problem’s already been solved inaugural virtual hackerspace will be Tonight at 8PM EST.

In this meeting we will be discussing ideas for how to make a virtual hackerspace work, and how breakout groups could be a thing. We want to make a place to collaborate and find others interested in whatever crazy project you have been dreaming of.

Our motto is “Always be noobin’”... this means to always embrace the learner’s mind, to not put up obstacles to learning, and approach everything like you would when you started your journey.

Meetings will be monthly, but for this kickoff meeting we will be giving away a door prize. One lucky attendee will be gifted a RPI 400 device.

We hope to see you there.

Let's have the richest man in the world make phones that the slightly less rich cannot censor. Got it.

The hardest part of conducting any sort of research for me is the discipline needed to not reach any conclusions half way in. Maybe my rush judgment was correct, or maybe it wasn't, but it's a bad habit to go "ah, this looks like it's..." way too soon

Having a pattern recognition machine on your shoulders is annoying, sometimes

And yes, I am aware he was banned now. Wouldn't call it anything but feeling enough pressure from advertisers and the incoming admin after the storming. Nothing more.

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Twitter's censoring Sci-Hub which is under threat of being banned in India where for many it is the only way to access knowledge.

Meanwhile Trump who is tweeting again.

Don't be foolish and expect Twitter to make the right judgment call rather than just suck up to power.

Not now, not ever.

I don't really like Signal. I don't like Telegram either. Wire is acceptable, but also clunky. It kinda sucks that people have to basically choose and commit to one app with all of their contacts now, if IM apps were federated like e-mail and Mastodon you could just keep talking to your friends from wherever.

Here's a video (youtube link) showing various copying machines in use, including a ditto machin/spirit duplicator/liquid copier and a stencil duplicator/mimeograph

How do people feel about a "pay to version" FOSS funding strategy? Where all source is open, but a certain dollar amount is set, and once it's reached a new release is made. So the paid advantage is pre-built binaries, and updates in distro repos and homebrew taps. But anyone who builds from source is ok.

Please boost :boost_ok:

I don't know if y'all are aware about the 60's era Marxists (mostly Trotskyists) like David Horowitz who ended up becoming powerhouse neocons, but...yeah, that's prolly where those contrarian shitlord "leftists" like Aimee Terese and Angela Nagle will end up

Purism and Linux 5.8

"Following up on our report for Linux 5.7 this summarizes the progress on mainline support for the Librem 5 phone and its development kit during the 5.8 development cycle."

#purism #linux #librem5

🇬🇧If you are not located in the EU #Whatsapp will leak your personal data to #Facebook – quit now! We EU #Pirates use Matrix and Signal.
It’s outrageous that you cannot take your Whatsapp contacts to another messaging service. (1/2)

Have you seen This Week in Matrix yet!? First of the year, absolutely top quality news and updates about Matrix, including an interview with the maintainers of NeoChat, the Matrix client from KDE! #twim #matrix #decentralisation

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