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Did you know that Mozilla is collecting a public domain dataset of annotated speech? This will help develop open source voice-controlled programs. The Common Voice project still needs volunteers both to donate their voice, and to validate other people's recordings.


I just validated a bunch of recordings (English and German) and am happy to report that there are now quite a few female speakers donating.

What is it about the Linux `top` command that seems to inspire everyone to write their own version?

Here's a post comparing four top replacement – and that's just the ones written in #rust! is running an Isolation Sale, and many games are 100% off. Yup, you can get them for free.

There was a talk at Google by Douglas Rushkoff about his book "Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus" which I posted last year.

This talk is even more awkward.

"We're all feeling awkward right now, coz we're talking about breaking up Google at Google"
- Anand Giridharadas,
author of "Winners take all - the elite charade of changing the world"

Whoever brought him in as a speaker obviously didn't read his book. 😀

Icon Library has a new export dialogue that should give you enough docs on how to use GResource to bundle your icons.

All classes move online. Zoom is unable to handle the server load of every campus in the country, so professors seek out other methods.

One professor announces they are now hosting classes in a Garry's Mod DarkRP server.

Another moves to World of Warcraft.

Someone opens a Minecraft server with a 1:1 recreation of campus.

Chaos ensues.

It seems a lot of people are finding out about now that their team has transitioned to remote work. Coincidentally, we've been working on a major upgrade to our encrypted kanban app featuring a markdown editor and tagging system for all your tasks. #WFH

@dredmorbius hindsight 2020 will be an infamous phrase for decades

Fucking crying at the wonderful news that Chelsea Manning is being released.

I know that she still owes $250k in fines, and they will probably throw her right back in when they reconvene another grand jury, but DAMN that girl obviously needs this reprieve and I hope she gets enough strength from it to continue to survive.

The fact that RiotWeb for @matrix gives you markdown in the chat makes a lot of pastebin gymnastics totally obsolete. I can post my code snippets right there in the development chat of my project and things are just formatted nicely ❤️ #Matrix

Once a director i worked with remarked that the best creations often occurred during the breaks when people weren't intentionally trying to think of solutions but instead were messing around. His reasoning was that everyone tends to give the same answers when they're being intentional because were trained to all think down certain routes.

I think about this a lot when im doing design work and how the best stuff mainly comes once you've gotten past and given up on the intentional plan you had.

Undocumented CPU Behavior: Analyzing Undocumented Opcodes on Intel x86-64 [pdf]

(submitted by luu)

I sure hope that modules and their default config is very much final in 1.14 - hate the need to tweak environment variables after every major release to get modules to behave.

DRM for everything 

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