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quote from me in the news about twitter decentralization 

What I am trying to say is that I wouldn't vote for Johnson even if somehow he had 'Labour' next to his name.

...Because Tony Blair does not represent Labour politics, unions, workers.

This is a man who made Labour a less openly racist Tory 'alternative' - that is no alternative at all if you care about economic populism, human rights & transformational government.

This is the man who not only lied us into the Iraq war, but continues consulting for the Saudis, Sisi etc.

If someone like that is your man, so be it, but to me the policies actually matter.

A lot of people are saying that wasn't well liked by the British public. And from the interviews I've seen that seems true, the fact that they have an image of Corbyn as painted by the Sun notwithstanding - however in these same interviews, the suggested replacement tends to be "someone like Tony Blair".

My question to everyone dumping on Corbyn today is this: Is it worth for Labour to win, no matter what, for the sake/name of it? Even if it represents nothing Labour is supposed to? ...

TWITTER's 'open' protocol won't be nor open.

Nothing to see here.

@saper I've just read about APL, J, and K. Interesting! I picked J to do Advent of Code stuff and I feel unhappy about it all...

Do you want to see free software grow and alternatives to proprietary software thrive? We're your people! New Supporters will get their donations tripled by a generous existing donor. Check it out!

The Tories were desperate to divert media attention from the story about a 4 year old boy with pneumonia, left on the floor of a hospital, with coats for bedding, because there were no beds available. This story was real.

Kuenssberg, Peston, Usherwood & Brand were only to willing to assist. In their rush to report first, they didn't perform *basic* journalistic checks. Fake news personified.

#media #politics #FakeNews #Tories #Labour #GE2019

🎉 #Mastodon and #Hometown hosting has now launched! Check it out at and @ me if you have any questions.

I'm not even super interested in planes but running an ADS-B receiver and seeing what's going over your house is kind of addictive.

offtopic, ukpol, Labour & Jewish people 

New blog post: The Future of Internet Regulation at the European Parliament

Last week, I gave three talks in Belgium, starting with one titled “Dear regulators, please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” at an event on The Future of Internet Regulation organised by the Greens and Pirates at the European Parliament on Tuesday.

This post has a summary, embedded videos of the talk (thank you, @vincib) and a link to my slides.

That's why in german, female Hackers are also known as Haeckse!

It sounds exactly like Hexe which is the german word for a female witch.

Aaah... #wordplay :-)

It's odd that version v3.0.1 of Mastodon is still not on the DigitalOcean marketplace. I submitted it in the middle of October

Whew... merged the monster PR that represents making be a client to the #fedbox #ActivityPub generic service.

I worked on it for about 3 months and it contains almost 100 commits, with about 11k lines of code modified (9k of them being removed).

There is very little functionality missing, but overall I think it's a success story when it comes to a fully integrated Client2Server ActivityPub application.

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