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Question to translators.

Which format do you prefer to use to translate an application ?

I wonder if gettext is still a good tools and if ICU is not too heavy ?

Both are available with #PHP

#Translate #i18n #locale #l10n

Found a super-handy command today. fselect is a program that imitates SQL SELECT syntax for filesystem searches. Examples:

fselect path FROM / WHERE is_shebang = TRUE # Writes a list of all interpreter scripts to stdout. Also a lot of permission denied errors to stderr.
fselect path, size FROM ~ WHERE name LIKE '.%' AND is_file = TRUE ORDER BY size DESC # Writes a list of hidden files in your home directory somewhere from biggest to smallest.

@freakazoid We have advanced like no society ever in many respects at a ridiculous pace in the last 20-30 years because of these open platforms. And we can all agree it's because they made sure to prevent too much control from specific central agents (companies and governments, which now coexist in the open platforms). We should understand that these benefits far overweight freely allowing bad actors to participate, as it would create much more complexity which they can easily sort around.

@freakazoid (untagging because I don't want to create a mess, but you're welcome to read and reply)

Well, in this case there is a request for the F-Droid organization to act as a central authority determining what is bigotry and to signal so as an antifeature on their packages. Doesn't matter their size, still a central authority (within their repos and app)

@KitsuneAlicia @fdroidorg I mean, I'm sorry to disagree, and I say this is as a trans woman and more... it's long to explain, but basically it's much better to have open, decentralized stable platforms in which people can organize individually and collectively on their own than to have a central authority determining and trying to enforce what is right or wrong, which creates a lot of problems and complexity that can be easily sorted around and ultimately only worsens things

maybe, just maybe, trying to play XCOM while compiling QT4 was a bad idea. especially when half my RAM sticks are dead.

Yo we are SO CLOSE to getting @MikeGravel into the televised Democratic debates to propagandize and combat imperialist ideology. If you haven't donated yet, PLEASE DO! Even just $1 is enough to get us closer to the 65k unique donors needed.

the Earth's rotation is slowing down and eventually we'll have to add leap seconds onto every day.

the solution of course, is to increase the rotational speed of the Earth.

We can do this one of 2 ways. We could use spaceguns to fire off mass into the sun in a westerly direction along the equator for a long time. The other thing we could do is drag the mountains to the seafloor, and due to conservation of angular momentum it will increase our rotation speed.

Or we could just add leap seconds.

the next release of the english language contains some breaking changes:
. FIX: ough is now always pronounced as in dough
. OBSOLETE: removed semicolons
. DEPRECATED: "dge" (bridge, dodge) is now deprecated. migrate to "j" when possible.
. STYLE: the compiler will now recommend the use of the oxford comma
. PATCH: season exclusive words (marinate, trowel, reverse) have been made unobtainable
. FIX: "ghoti" no longer spells fish
. BREAKING: the alphabet is now ordered by minimum amount of ink required to create the symbol
. PATCH: sentences are no longer required to start with a capital letter

So I finally understand the phrase "one advantage of Racket's macro system is that macros can communicate". I never understood wtf that meant until today when going through and the section on syntax-local-value.

That's what it means, right there. That's how macros can communicate.


Librem 5 Smartphone -- July Update.

So much amazing stuff going on. Including Calls, Messages, Web, Contacts, Settings, and more.

"Monitoring shows anomalous CPU utilization on Windows build node when it is supposed to be idle. Node was recently updated. RDP to that node, observe Internet Explorer window loaded MSN homepage and renders animated banner ads. Should send the bill for 8 CPU-hours to Microsoft..."

And they say has changed.

TIL "fsort is a bash script to sort very large text files (billions of lines, hundreds of gigabytes)."

Raspberry Pi folks admit they fucked up the USB-C power circuit in the rpi4 and "expect this will be fixed in a future board revision".

Explanation of the "Newer Linux distros don't boot on #Ryzen 3000 CPUs" issue:

- #AMD broke their #RDRAND instruction even more (!) in new CPUs (WTF?)

- #systemd has a patch but hasn't rolled a stable release since it went in (April), so most newer distros (even Arch) never picked it up

Older Linux distributions (e.g. #Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) are safe, only systemd 240/241/242 use RDRAND

#Debian 10 is not affected, devs manually applied the RDRAND patch shortly before release

#Zen2 #Matisse @MatejLach

I've tried out #Fedora :fedora: #Silverblue and while I'll encountered several problems… all in all… it's quite nice from a first look! 😃

You can read more about my experience here:

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