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The way Debian starts services of software you install by default & immediately is really weird IMO

Announcing the 2nd Vervis federation demo!

1st demo was about federated ticket comments. This new demo is about **federated opening of new tickets**.

If you haven't tried the 1st demo, it should still work, so you can easily do both 1st and 2nd. I don't remove features when I add new ones ;-)

Take a look and leave a comment there (or here) if you have a moment! :)

-- fr33

#ForgeFed #ActivityPub

First world problems…
#linux #nerdy
Consider Renaming GIMP To A Less Offensive Name (#3617) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab

A cryptocurrency without miners - and in exchange, supercentralized. Facebook's Libra.

New home page makes it seem like SO doesn't allow free use any more

(submitted by nsoonhui)

Come on, go ... #Diffu needs you to exist!
If you think that federated article publishing platforms open to Mastodon, Pleroma or other account holders would be a good idea, it's time to contribute!

It's happening there:

And we retoot !

I'll do my best to release #Choqok 1.7 next week (7th July), then I'll merge #mastodon support into master and I do really hope to release 1.8 during this summer.

The website migration is still incomplete too: I've to restore comments and content's web pages need to be updated/adjusted.

We do also need a review of opened bugs and a list of things to be implemented (sorted by priority?).

If you want to help, there's a lot to do! Let's #ReviveChoqok

Happy to announce that my RSS-to-ActivityPub converter now detects MP3s from podcast feeds and makes them into attachments that render directly in Mastodon 2.9.2+

Do you use `pass` as password manager on your machine?

There is an extension to verify your passwords against the HIBP database of known passwords and make sure that your password wasn't exposed during a data breach. (Of course without telling your password apart)

This extension is packaged on #Fedora as pass-pwned.

Brian "bex" Exelbierd wrote an article about it, and how to install it on any other distro on

#infosec #HIBP #pass #PasswordManager

Boeing outsourced engineering to the lowest bidder, the whole project was past deadline and over budget, 346 people died.

What you can do:
* as a website admin/newspaper publisher: Do not use AMP!
* as a user: Use another browser (uhm @firefox) and use an "no AMP" add-on:

#noamp #nogoogle [3/3]

At Casa @slimbook today, Plasma and Usability teams looked at:
🥘 Improving Plasma widget configurability
🥘 Making Qt scaling work on X11
🥘 How to get changelogs into AppStream for apps
🥘 How Kai fixed a bazillion trillion Notification bugs
🥘 Adding a new "play media on hover" feature to Dolphin
🥘 How to make Task Manager smarter when raising/minimizing all windows of an app or raising the most recently used window in a group
🥘 Making "Do Not Disturb" automatic when screens are mirrored (pic)
Thanks Chicos!

I’ve been using Firefox again for a month, and I agree. It’s time to give it another shot.

@MatejLach to be honest it's not going to "complete" in the traditional sense, as it's going to be doing just the ActivityPub server operations. But ideally the clients that can be implemented over it can do whatever they want.

The first target is a simple frontend representing a link aggregator similar to old reddit.

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