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🎉 Excited to present another of my project!

🌍 Atlasr, a truly open-source and free map browser,

The open-source map ecosystem is mature, but no mainstream tool à la Google Maps exists. Atlasr is the response to that.

#map #openstreetmap #oss #browser

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Also, disappointingly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, Rich doesn't do free software. He merely does open-source.

So Rich Hickey, (creator of ), wrote a thing where he argues that as a mere user of open-source, you're not entitled to anything from the maintainers.

I agree with the general principle and have made similar points myself, except that:

a.) If you want the 'fame' of having many users, mutual respect is necessary. You're not god.

b.) If you're not going to implement a feature, don't waste people's time by keeping the issue/discussion going, only to dash their hopes years(!) later.

Am reading Debt: The First 5000 Years and while it's interesting, I find it curious when authors rely on their authority to have researched the material properly that allows them then to speculate or make grand statements about things and then you find this in the discussion on the commons:

"computer engineers have recently rediscovered the principle with things like freeware, which everyone talks about".

I then wonder about other things he says, considering that he for sure meant FLOSS here.

‘LinkedIn processed 18 million email addresses of non-users for targeted advertising’

“LinkedIn processed the email addresses of 18 million non-members and targeted them with advertising on Facebook without permission, an audit by the [Irish] Data Protection Commissioner has found.”

Also on our forum:

Also, his: "Extreme opinions are rarely correct." is hilarious as he's for sure thinking of making a mic drop statement, without realizing that he's talking about freedom here, which is one of these rare cases, where one should have as 'extreme' a position as possible, without infringing on other people's freedoms.

Some people have a fundamental problem with the belief in freedom:

I bet these same people would take a huge issue with restricting their personal freedom in other areas, yet somehow it is fine for software.

Also, notice the sleazy comment from an employee:

"In the documentation, AMD officially recommends against this by default, and I can speak for Intel that our position is that as well".

To me this reads like:

"AMD is affected by this too!, see their manual....also, we're much worse, but AMD, AMD, it's not just us, AMD!".


Something is being done about the STIBP performance regressions in 4.20 - - and to me, it's a prime example why it's important to have Linus around.

As much as I like GKH, he didn't raise the issue when backporting to stable. I guess he just backports whatever security fixes land in mainline, but still.

Also, an employee said:

In any case, am glad something's being done. As bad as Spectre is, am not willing to take a 30-50% pref hit just yet.

I don't trust the Kindle firmware enough to be typing passwords into it, so I was wondering whether there's a way to initiate a session on a PC and then connect to it via a web browser on the Kindle, but without having to authenticate there. Effectively, I just want to observe whatever I am doing in the session opened on the PC in the Kindle browser, without having to provide any input via the Kindle directly.

Dear Fediverse, I need your help,

Is there any way to have a SSH-capable terminal emulator to the web browser and then allows a second client to connect as an observer in view only mode, without having to enter username/pass?

What I'm trying to do is re-purpose a Kindle e-reader as a e-ink monitor for terminal sessions due to eye strain. I know about shellinabox, which give you a terminal in a browser, but they require you to enter your username/password every time, like a typical SSH client.

When I woke up this morning I didn't expect to spend my day arguing with a programming language.

But you know... JavaScript and I, we do have very different ideas of scopes.

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US Justice Department accidentally reveal that they're charging Julian #Assange. What an absolute joke guys. Just leave poor mate alone. #security #privacy

It's not enabled by default, so you need to set GDK_BACKEND=wayland ie via ~/.config/environment.d/gdk.conf - if you're using that is.

Then, open about:support in Nightly and check if you see something mentioning EGL under the Graphics section, similar to the screenshot I posted.

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