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The fact that iTunes and others still sell only loosy music should be scandal. If I am paying full price for an album, I want a FLAC option or get lost.

@MatejLach I mean... there's plenty of criticism of flatpak to be had!

Especially the currently existing flatpaks on e.g. flathub all pretty much suck (at least those I've tried).

I'm just kinda burnt out on these "this sucks! you suck!" sort of articles, especially when there's not even a hint of how to do it better. Even worse would be not even acknowledging that the status quo isn't perfect, and even if the article isn't doing that, you get it in the comments.

Probably my main issue with Haskell (besides its learning curve) is how obscure and cryptic error messages can get. I found a small PDF for that, seems to be neat:

For people who liked + for the idea of circles, you should seriously check out, it has them, it's federated and the UI is more akin to the old G+ UI before they f*ed it all up.

So, girls and boys, your project for the weekend: do a Google takeout (if you have an account) and browse through the JSON files in "Purchases _ Reservations/" and determine how the fuck they got all that data. Protip: Cognac helps.

Looks like my distaste for Flatpaks wasn't misplaced.

man fuck twitter crossposting tools. that's "I'm a brand" tier garbage

Walmart filed a patent to use biometric shopping handles to track customers' heart rates, temperatures, and stress levels.

Nothing to worry about at all.

The fact that Pi-Hole sinks almost half of my web requests is just staggering.

Is this Mac OS 9? No, it's Haiku! ... but with the MacDecorator and 'Charcoal' as the system font.

Hey #Fediverse #Sysadmin #Webdev what is the best (simple but powerful) static site generator you would suggest me to try?

I have played with Hugo and Jekyll, and I feel they're a bit on the heavy/complicated side. Any more lightweight options?


there is actually some very good critique of mastodon culture in here but they all have this particular bit, where they complain about how ~inaccessible~ the fediverse is. “it needs to be easier for kardashian fangirls and frat bros to get into!” they whine. “this’ll never take off, i can’t follow oprah here”

and of course in doing so they demonstrate exactly why the fediverse is not for normies.

you have all of the rest of the internet. facebook, twitter, instagram, tinder, okcupid, all the rest exists purely to cater to your dull consumer impulses. there is nothing for you here. these spaces exist for the people who actually want meaningful human connection. the people who don’t want to play farmville or fill out quizzes about which disney princess they are or send star wars-themed stickers to their “friends.” the fediverse is for talking to people.

and normies have completely forgotten how to do that.

DRM - The equivalent of putting a convoluted lock on your front door that requires you to sing the entirety of "The Pirates of Penzance" while hopping up and down on one leg and refusing to open until the very last bar is sung...

Meanwhile your cat enters via the cat flap in the back and watches your amused machinations with sadistic glee.

My email and other data was among 125 million accounts leaked from a company I have never heard of. They're allegedly collecting information from public sources. The moral of the story is that we're all online. I don't really mind all of you having my info, but there are lousy players out there whose interests might not be benign.
#news #leak #security #notSureWhatTagToActuallyUse

Barman: Taking an online hot backup of PostgreSQL is now as easy as ordering a good espresso coffee.

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