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Pretty disappointed by GoLand's level of support for generics - it essentially boils down to not complaining about brackets for generic params. There's no inference, autocompletion etc.

Granted, Go 1.18 is not out till mid/late Feb. next year so there's still time to add proper support.

But why make it sound like you support generics at all at this point ?

Goes on => looks at trending repositories => sees log4j scanners top to bottom.

Feels good to finally be able to enable the Get It On AppCenter button the Comet web site :)

#elementaryOS #comet #git #editor

@lanodan @stefan
> decentralised software shouldn't have a flagship/official instance
this x10000000

Framasoft launched Mobilizon correctly

They contacted some people known to run similar services (such as myself) and asked us if we would be able to have Mobilizon set up in time for launch. When they launched, the webpage looked exactly like it does now; Framasoft runs their own instance but it's just one of many French options with nothing setting it apart :02smile:

In a #sed substitution pattern, you can use any character as a separator instead of /
Useful for path or urls:

#Linux #UNIX

reddit just autobanned me from /r/landlord for participating in the subreddit /r/latestagecapitalism that's hilarious, thank you reddit

December Update:

Year in review & sneak peek at 2022

#pinephonepro EE available soon!

#pinedio PP(P)case now works

#Quartz64 dev report; HDMI out & GPU work

PP(P) keyboard available early Jan 2022

#pinetime game demo and BLE encryption

And much more!

We've published a blog post to explain the impact of the log4j security vulnerabilities on the Matrix ecosystem: TL;DR: if you run your own Jitsi or signald (or other java-based component), you need to apply mitigations immediately.

Other than fundamental constraints like Ordered being declared in a stdlib package one has to import, so far am very pleased with how generics have turned out.

Yes it took a long time, but at the same time it feels like Go's maturing with me, I am much more confident as a dev than when I started, I feel like I know where I want to go in life etc, and now Go's even landed generics, something that seemed so untenable a decade ago. Plus to top it off, my holiday break is about to start...

"Because the cloud fucked up one too many times, so Mommy decided to set up her own networked cloud with the other mommies in the neighborhood in a mesh network and distributed fault-tolerant storage"

Soundux is an open-source, cross-platform soundboard for playing sounds on livestreams, video calls and maybe on theather plays if you're doing something simple :)
You can assign global hotkeys to trigger specific sounds, as well as make your computer keyboard work like a launchpad.
#Audio #Sound #Linux #FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #FreeSoftware #Soundux

I'm always sceptical about the long term benefit to Britain from this so-called "boom" in the TV/film industry when so much of it is dependent on American corporates and subject to tax relief and mostly only provides short term jobs - also they are adding movie productions with TV series together.

I wonder what the figures were in 1980s when we had 16 commercial TV regions all investing in production *and* the same movie studios used by Hollywood?

UK Politics / Anti-protest laws 🇬🇧 

I was watching BBC Question Time and an audience member commented that there's a lot of attention to government officials having parties during COVID lockdown which served as a distraction to the passing of the bill to make protesting the government illegal.

The response from the host? 'Well, that's not the question that was being discussed. Let's get back to the Christmas party discussion'

#BBCQT #BBC #UKpolitics #UK #Politics

All the torrent dweebs switched to h.265, a codec the Raspberry Pi 3 does not have hardware for decoding, because they are constantly on a quest to find the most difficult to handle video codecs.

@TheGibson @rysiek Answering myself: It's the latter.

"The vulnerability resides in the way specially crafted log messages were handled by the Log4j processor. Untrusted strings (e.g. those coming from input text fields, such as web application search boxes) containing content like ${jndi:ldap://} would trigger a remote class load, message lookup, and execution of the associated content if message lookup substitution was enabled."

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