@ndpi On Linux you can simulate a low-end CPU:

$ sudo apt install cpulimit
$ ps aux|grep Program
$ cpulimit -l30 -p<Program-PID>

Src: unix.stackexchange.com/questio

@falsemorel The @mobian are making solid progress on the . To the point where it's usable as a daily driver without tweaks.

The biggest problem is going to be people asking where's Instagram, IM services etc. If you know someone who is fine with making calls, SMS, browsing the web and maybe taking a note or making a TODO then it more or less exists for non technical people today. If it's supposed to be a full on Android/iOS replacement then it needs more work.

Oh. This is cool. Open-source, E2E optional, messaging using email as the back-end.


via jlelse.blog/posts/email-messen

If you were wondering whether slapping an SSD cache on a Mastodon database would make a performance difference... yes.

In the last month, 91% of IOPS on the entire system have been served out of cache rather than hitting the spinning rust.

There are three hard problems in computer science: standardizing on a single chat application with your friends and off by one errors

Curious to try something like this for Plausible and see how it goes. Right now we pretty much respond at any waking hour!

The problem with Medium is that it’s full of people for whom being read is more important than writing.

I guess this might be relevant to #Telegram users. Or not.

>Security researcher Ahmed Hassan has shown that spoofing the Android’s “People Nearby” feature allows him to pinpoint the physical location of Telegram users



I can’t believe that in [current year] basic features like [literally hardest problem to solve] isn’t fixed yet. Absolute laziness on the part of [massively underfunded open source org]

Super cool that @PINE64 has finally teamed up with @mobian for a community edition. I've been waiting for them to do so forever.

From my own testing is pretty much the #1 distro in terms of polish, (like good call quality), & the number of optimized apps.

There's even an on device installer with full disk encryption, (thanks to a lot of work by @postmarketOS ), definitely ordering even tho I already have 2 :-)

These guys deserve all the support they can get.

Purism and Linux 5.9 and 5.10

"...this summarizes the progress on mainline support for the Librem 5 phone and its development kit during the 5.9 and 5.10 development cycles."


#librem5 #privacy #linux

It's always a little scary when Music Brainz Picard completely fails to identify some (but not all?) the tracks from a widely publicized, well documented, commercially released album.

I have the 6 disc set of the Savory Collection, which appears to be in a different order, and include slightly different tracks, than the more widely available iTunes releases.

I love how every time there's a breach
the warning email is like
"ok so it leaked your password, address and phone number" (or similar, you get the idea)
then they recommend you change your password
because they can't recommend you move and change phone numbers lmao

Back in the day, third-party Android ROMs really changed up how the OS looked and behaved. These days, it seems like most ROMs are attempting to stick as close as possible to “stock” or Pixel-style Android as possible. Are there any popular *funky* ROMs still around?

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