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One of the best things about the switch to GDPR is all the companies sending me "reminders" to re-give consent for newsletters. My inbox is becoming a lot cleaner!

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OK, the new #Mastodon admin only instance is now live at

If you're an instance admin, please drop me an email at with your instance URL and username, I'll then review and get you an invite.

Please boost this toot, as the Tootmin Network will give us admins a place to collaborate and discuss Mastodon administration away from our respective instances.


@rysiek @Wolf480pl @jerry @Aaron On a serious note, the company I work at is very found of Slack, I'm going to try to convince them to adopt Matrix at our next company meeting and report back. If we all do this, we could make a difference.

@rysiek @Wolf480pl @jerry @Aaron Now we just need to throw some serious marketing money at it :-)

@Wolf480pl @jerry @rysiek @Aaron I feel like just one "killer" app would speed the adoption quite a bit. Like if Slack was federated similarly to - people would just use Slack and in the process prop up the new protocol. Like most people don't realize they're using federation when they email someone on a different provider, but they do. Problem is, email's primary incentive wasn't profit, in this VC-funded age it is, so Slack has no incentive to adopt an open, federated protocol.

One of the appeals of teaching yourself how to draw, write, make music, program, and the like, is that those hobbies have become the only way for many people to feel some kind of connection to what they make.

In a system where people are treated as if they are basically fungible totally isolated from their labour, their environment and even themselves, the hobby piece becomes a rare way for people to look at something, feel a real connection to it, and say "this is me, only I could do this."

Hacker Breaches Securus, the Company That Helps Cops Track Phones Across the US
'A hacker has broken into the servers of #Securus, a #USA company that allows law enforcement to easily track nearly any phone across the country, and which a US Senator has exhorted federal authorities to investigate. The hacker has provided some of the stolen data to Motherboard, including usernames and poorly secured passwords for thousands of Securus’ law enforcement customers...'

@cocoron The Surface Pro 3 (3 only) can run Linux very nicely on it and it includes a pen that can be used with Krita/Photoshop etc. They go quite cheap on eBay.

Something I haven't mentioned yet amongst all my ranting about old *nix GUIs: NeWS. I always wondered why I could never find screenshots of it. Turns out that Sun never truly shipped NeWS itself per se. They shipped it as OpenWindows around 1989 with a hybrid X11/NeWS compatible server (killed in 1993). It's included in SunOS 4.1.x. The most striking part about it is that you cannot tell the X apps and the NeWS apps that come with it apart. Why? They all conformed to openlook HIG.

@elomatreb Well, everyone knows it's the CEOs who post "substantial stuff".

@johnonolan Did a bit of GitHub scavenging and found this, might be interesting to get in touch with the creator about what his ideas are.

A vulnerability in the LocationSmart website allowed anyone, with no prior authentication or consent, to obtain the realtime location of any cellphone in the US to within a few hundred feet.

I spent a bit of time in a Jupyter notebook with the Internet Archive API to see if it's possible to see the rate at which users are adding web content to be archived via their Save-Page-Now functionality:

@johnonolan The bigger question would be, what exactly would make sense to 'federate' in Ghost?

Probably Likes/Kudos/Claps? And possibly allowing comments for an article to be posted on any Ghost blog that Linked to/Boosted/Endorsed a particular article and these comments would then show bellow the original post too?

I guess maybe even allowing different articles than quote the original article, where the quoted passages link back to the original article?

Quite a bit can be done actually.

@johnonolan Interesting, I'm currently implementing ActivityPub in Go for a side project and the standard is surprisingly well specified and straightforward to follow, I am not a JS guy, so I'll not be able to help with your implementation if you decide to do one, but for me the biggest paint point has actually been dealing with the dynamic nature of JSON-LD in a typed language, which won't be a problem in JS. My guess would be 2-3 months part-time to implement AP for an experienced JS dev.

" tried Mastodon recently and got the feeling it's only crazy people :)" - Hacker News 🤣

Guilty as charged.