So I wanted to switch from to a while back, chiefly because it's worth paying for free software over proprietary one, but it turns out that at least on , the 1Password app exports to a format not supported by as an import target yet.

Not sure why this new format, but being vendor locked and happy with the situation is not how I operate, so here's a quick tool that converts the 1Password for Linux export file to a Bitwarden JSON...

@Shamar If work ethic == working for 'stock options' (free) then I'd agree with the characterisation. Just not the conclusion of it being bad.

"the low work ethic, the 8 weeks of vacation every month (I exaggerate, slightly)"

I wish they weren't, truly.

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HN comparing why the U.S. is better than the EU:

"Glory to the US, and the ability to move States with little friction. Glory to the LLC. Glory to firing someone with less than six months notice (I'm looking at you, Belgium)."

For the many problems the has, not (yet) being a complete Ayn Rand land is not one of them.

@cypnk a German ISPs dial up number was still active in 2017 (I didn't have any computers with a working modem nor a password to try it out though)

Checking out what old BBS numbers are now linked to is interesting. Most are just private residences while a few are businesses

Wish I remembered which one it was, but there was one number which goes to a voicemail and it says it was formerly a BBS

16 lines of code to create a window and close it again isn't too bad imo

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purely functional programming is a field of study devoted to finding increasingly sophisticated ways for computers to not do anything

I am happy to announce the first release of 8088ify, the Intel 8080 CP/M to Intel 8086/8088 MS-DOS #assembly language translator.

Developed on #OpenBSD, 8088ify runs on all #Unix, MS-DOS, and CP/M.

Enjoy 8088ify. Please report bugs. And share with your #retrocomputing friends!

#8080 #z80 #8086 #8088 #x86 #retro #assembler #coding #programming #dos #msdos #cpm

My computing devices stripped back to the necessities and fitting in one photo. All of my essential services (except email) running on those two little Odroid servers on the right. NUC desktop, Pinepower, PocketCHIP and Thinkpad lurking under the desk.

Not Pictured: Phone taking the picture and Odroid Go in my pocket.

Who is the hottest? 

My pinephone's CPU trying to run GNOME

Uber may be an aggressive user of the Dutch system, but they're not the only one. Viacom-CBS evaded a $4b US tax-liability by pretending to license its IP to shell companies in "Barbados, the Bahamas, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Britain."

While this was a global affair, the Netherlands were central to the con, because of its 0.8% tax rate on foreign distribution revenues.


Our IRC channel with @liberachat is now officially registered! 👍👍®️👌

Join us on #gamingonlinux

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