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No scientific proof that war is ingrained in human nature
'...there is no scientific proof that we have an inherent propensity to take up arms and collectively kill.

In a study published in Scientific American, Ferguson argues that war may not be in our nature at all. People might fight and sometimes kill for personal reasons, but homicide, he argues, is not war [....]

"Anthropologists think about prospects for war in the long term," Ferguson says. "If the idea that war is part of human nature is not scientifically supported, alternative futures open up. If more people work for prevention, the eventual eradication of war is a definite theoretical possibility."...'

@Shamar Rejecting all patches from Australian devs may be the easiest solution for most projects and I expect some of them to do so.

I agree that it will most considerably impact the Australian tech scene, which is not looking great anyways and is as good as dead now.

Considering the market Atlassian is in, it would be interesting to see the impact on their market share over the long terms, as contracts are about to be renewed.

I've updated my page on how I setup #Firefox / #PureBrowser such that things don't end up too borked. Also added some of the comments y'all made as a reminder to myself to investigate some more!

Hey if anyone likes community radio stations

I'm building a little app for listening to them in the browser. Kind of like a car radio dial but for the world.


or on dat

nothing fancy but there's 500ish radio stations there most of them work

source here

PRs to this file if you want to add stations
or edit your local dat version directly

The idea that private hierarchies are inherently more "efficient" at running things than public administration, non-profits, or commons, has been disproved so many times by examples like these, it boggles the mind that some people still believe it.

The Australian government seems to have made it so that you essentially have to discriminate against Australian developers if you want your software to remain secure.

Serving the people indeed.

Considering how aggressive is about "protecting its IP", by going after YouTubers and retro ROM sites, it is only fitting that the you can load arbitrary code on the Switch and Nintendo can do jack all about it, no matter how much they'd like to.

Australia just made Man-In-The-Middle attacks required by law. They call it "the ghost" and every #encryption connection has to be open to the government.

Good luck with that.



"You can use the same technologies to create completely different kinds of societies" -- Yuval Noah Harari

I don't think this is true. It would be difficult to have an anarchist society running on a centralized system like Facebook, or a dictatorship running on peer-to-peer offline-first infrastructure.

Certain social structures depend highly upon particular styles of interaction. The technical medium places constraints on the possibilities.

> trademark rules (can't lead with another's trademark.)

TIL, another day, amother stupid trademark rule I guess. Still, they could have used an acronym or something like that, like WINE does.
Is WSL itself a trademark? Huh, that's really going overboard I think.

It rubs me the wrong way, it sounds like "Oh, thanks to Microsoft, Linux now has this very important Windows subsystem". Just makes it sound like they're enhancing Linux with some Windows tech, when it's the exact opposite.

in open-source so far:

- Calls its Windows to Linux translation layer "Windows Subsystem for Linux", as if it was doing something for we should be thankful for. In reality, it is literally a Linux subsystem for to enhance its own product.

- Ships its flagship open-source project, VSCode, with telemetry enabled.

- Ships .NET Core with telemetry enabled.

- Doesn't accept community contributions to the recently open-sourced WPF/Winforms.

No changes expected in 2019.


Hi I'm Mike. I've been around the Fediverse for a while. I created the Friendica, RedMatrix, Hubzilla, Osada, and Zap projects. I developed the DFRN, Zot/Zot6 and OWA protocols.

My software does some pretty cool stuff, but I'm not out to win any popularity contests and world domination isn't my thing. I played a non-trivial role in creating the modern internet and now I'm investing my time and energy creating ethical alternative services to bring back a real sense of privacy and self-determination.

I have a modest farm in Bugger All, Australia and raise cows, horses, and chooks. I drink kickass #homebrew and play a mean #guitar.

Have a great day.

The idea that the ipad "saved" us from netbooks is bad ideology. Access to general purpose computing is an extremely important right and our culture will degenerate in many subtle and/or scary ways if it becomes rare.

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