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Look at the picture the 'newspaper of record'' NYT choose to include in their BS story accusing , (one of the most customer-oriented companies btw) of somehow being complicit in the hack.

Yep, just casually throw the Russian flag in there because why not? The original headline even referenced JB being a Russian company, capitalizing on the fact that in the heads of many Americans, Russian == up to no good.

I seem to remember something about Native Americans protesting an oil pipeline polluting their drinking water at Standing Rock a while back.

Wonder how the cops handled that one...

The ghost of Hugo Chávez rigged the U.S. election...apparently anyway.

Projecting much?

wtf ? If his isn't some security by obscurity right here, not sure what is. What does this achieve?

Famous neolib newspaper ""keeping it real" 

The guardian needs YOUR support to churn out gems like this:

(and that of the Gates Foundation)

So is the plan at now to simply sabotage every product we care about and focus on making stickers and a re-branded VPN?

Obnoxious, proprietary vendors who want you to read an EULA for each firmware update for the hardware YOU ALREADY PURCHASED - including presumably for important security updates can not only fuck the right off, but should be fined,.

For anyone who for some reason still respected Elon Musk, this is the mentality you're looking up to.

(His account wasn't taken over by hackers here, btw)

Look what I got in the mail today!

Surprisingly polished build, I trust it enough that I've put my SIM in it already.

Thanks @PINE64 & @Ubports

This should go in a book teaching how not to describe your repo.

I know we're probably just supposed to drop everything in awe because this library is used at Facebook, but if it doesn't tell me anything about the library itself and what it brings to the table, am just not going to go right past it, no matter how good your README/docs are.

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