Testing on Nightly.

Super smooth and I no longer get the glitches I sometimes had when starting Firefox on Xwayland.

Nice work .

So a product I've paid for, (Reflector), suddenly throws an ad in my face and the only way the developers let you dismiss it, is via an "I'm busy, email me details." button.

How about "Get the fuck out of my face and uninstall immediately." button?

Don't believe the "if you didn't pay for it, you're not the customer, you're the product". While true for proprietary software, it's also the case there that if you indeed DID pay for it, you're STILL not a customer.

FLOSS all day, every day!

Projects like and really need to be congratulated for keeping at it for so long. Congrats on the first beta, Haiku!

lol, watching a constant stream of people telling one member who used '@here' on the Gophers Slack channel, and thus notified everyone, that she did that.

It just keeps on coming.

Folks...I'm sure she knows by now, calm down :-)

This is the version of (also known as ) that passed.
Pretty much the worst iteration there is, but am pretty sure these pushing for it think the exception for "micro enterprises", (which excludes pretty much any site/app one would care about these filters on), is a major concession that they've made. Not to mention that is effectively prevents your app from "going viral", but it's not like the tech scene is trailing massively behind the US, so not to worry.

This is the version of the vote that passed. Disaster, but if the news papers want to die even faster than they're dying already, they've just got a major boost in that direction.

Time to fund independent, digital-only media.

There's many cats on Mastodon already, so here's an owl.

If this isn't some copyright maximalism, I don't know what is.

(This is the official channel for the band).

How do you convince people who are tired of telemetry & ad-ridden 10 to switch to ? Apparently, if you're , it's by incorporating ads of your own.

We need to stop recommending Ubuntu as a good distro for people to switch to. Something like Manjaro or Solus seems like a much better choice these days.

I love how this is supposed to be a smear. More of this please and we'll truly get there.

So Elon issued a "apology" to the cave rescuer, (after being pressured by his board to do so, nonetheless).

Somebody decided to take the opportunity to launch a scam.

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