Not that is bad, but having the full Shell experience on the would be a major step forward.

Imagine having level of integration with a completely / stack across your laptop/phone via for example.

Super speedy builds on the @PINE64 Pro w/ running on ARM. A powerful mobile workstation for hacking on the go.

The fan cult isn't even trying anymore.

What's next; All I was ever trying to do is save the planet... - Rex Tillerson?

Crickets from the "invade Cuba now to 'liberate' them" people, could it have something to do with the fact that Colombia is a capitalist ally of the U.S.? 🤔 Almost as if these people weren't really concerned about human rights.

'government meddling risk' is rich coming from the government that issues gag orders to companies on a regular basis and hosts the NSA, which among other things is known for performing industrial espionage, including on its EU allies, LMAO

Not to mention the fact that such risk is presumably rather hard to calculate up front, which governments all around the world use to their advantage. This seems more like a 'every Chinese company is actually secretly CCP owned' QAnon type shit, grow up SEC.

Zuck is going to do more media appearances, because if there's one thing the guy is known for it's charisma and appearing human. Not.

Basic human need packaged & sold as an exclusive luxury 2021 edition.

I hear you saying you don't need @PINE64 Pinecil soldering iron as you already have an existing one at home.

I doubt yours can solder memory safety issues tho.

Hot take but that data should be freely available and all COVID vaccines should be 'open source'.

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