Super speedy builds on the @PINE64 Pro w/ running on ARM. A powerful mobile workstation for hacking on the go.

@MatejLach @PINE64 it looks great with the keyboard case

I want to buy a PinePhone Pro with the case but I am not sure if will get it delivered here in Mexico.

They ship via DHL so you should be able to get it delivered, however am not sure what the import duty/tax situation is like in Mexico.


Might be worth asking on the PINE64 Matrix/Telegram/Discord as am sure there's people from Mexico who could tell you what their experience was like.


@MatejLach @PINE64 it looks great but wow that title bar eats a lot of space on horizontal mode :blobthinkingeyes:

It does :-) What about something like xfce4-terminal without borders and menubar?


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