@MatejLach That looks so stupid but then again... Stupid things ain't gonna stop the Linux community from doing something :^)

@MatejLach It's funny actually... the left hand part actually looks surprisingly mobile friendly. It's really mainly the window segments on the right that are problematic. It would be cool to see a patch that made specific window segments a slide out side drawer if there's less than X space...

@MatejLach jajaja cool pero mira @hipatia tu que dices sobre usar móvil en vez de un pc 😆

@MatejLach WOW. With how underpowered the Pinephone is... is it usable, performance-wise, or is it terribly laggy?

@MatejLach What about fps? I tied it ona pure software qud core ARM A17 5 or 10 years ago it worked fine for basic scenes interface (blender 2.5 or 2.7 at this time if I remember). Tried on a RISC-V with only 1 core@1GHz but no GPU and this new version of blender take about 5minutes to render this desktop interface.

@MatejLach That seems like it would be nothing but frustration to use

@freemo Well yeah, just because you *can* doesn't mean you *should*. But it's still fun nonetheless.

@MatejLach until it can make and receive phone calls reliably, and send mms messages, it's useless to me. It's made a great paperweight in my drawer for the last year or two though

@Afflicted hmm, so I daily drive it nowdays and have zero issues with receiving or making calls/receiving sms, I don't use MMS tbh so unsure on those, but I heard a lot of this can be carrier dependent also. (I found reliable across carriers in my own testing.)

@MatejLach Unfortunately Pine isn't a reasonable dev platform. The quality control is bad, stock is limited and even when they do have product in stock it could take weeks or months for an order to ship. I had a PinePhone. When I put in a MicroSD card it caught on fire.

@bear You must have been extremely unlucky since I have 3 editions of the original PinePhone as well as the Pro and haven't experienced any major quality of control issues, except for some minor display flickering that was fixed in the followup revision of the board.

Certainly never had it caught fire or set an SD card on fire or anything like that.

Stock is limited but they communicate this very clearly and are open about when it's best to order (the chip shortage is affecting everyone...)

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