This is a good read on why all those claiming the likes of are more stable, production ready or whatever else than Arch, Fedora, Gentoo etc. are full of it.

Debian is not more stable, it's just old. That's it. Unless you're on a non-stable branch of Debian you're getting outdated, flawed software that's full of (known(!) security holes.

I am sorry folks but this is not my idea of maturity, stability or whatever else people want to claim.


It's not like Debian has the capacity to backport important security fixes on its own, for packages unsupported by upstream they'll just be left in a state of decay forever.

@MatejLach we need gov'ts to recognise the importance of digital infrastructure and find it, like they do physical infrastructure (or perhaps better :) as some of them are pretty crap at that, too - yes, US, looking at you). These tools are core to most people's software interaction whether they realise it or not.

@MatejLach *should've been "fund it" not "find it", of course :)

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