Does this joke of a paper really qualify as 'academic output' nowdays?

It uses ICANN’s publicly known and widely criticised failures to assert that the U.S. should take more direct control of the internet once again ignoring the fact that if there's one organisation in the world many trust even less than ICANN, it is the U.S. government.

For me personally, the U.S. seizing news websites .com / .net domains from its so called 'state enemies' is enough.

This of course presuming that ICANN’s headquarters being in the U.S. and most of its rank and file being American has no effect on the U.S. government control of the internet.

Of course it does, thinking otherwise is naive.

They effectively get the benefit of 'not controlling it' publicly, while of course still very much controlling it.

This paper's whole premise relies on a PR stunt by the Obama admin, nothing more.

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