Something I've been noticing with the whole scanning your device content fiasco is that a lot of the rhetoric centres around the ability of China/Russia to misuse this.

While true and may serve a rhetorical purpose, this is being rolled out in the U.S. only. Clearly not at the CCP's request.

Americans need to be able and willing to first admit that oftentimes it is just fellow Americans doing unethical shit to their fellow Americans. You'd never improve your own country otherwise.

@MatejLach true, but it's still fair to point to possible deployments in other countries because once the infrastructure is built it can be more easily deployed elsewhere.

but this of course does not take away the point that this is being rolled out in the US only for now, which raises its own US-specific questions.

@daskeit I agree it's useful to point out, I just think that the first step to improving something is admitting that is happening. If people are unwilling to admit that their own domestic government is perfectly capable of misusing this tech in authoritarian ways without foreign help, what hope is there for change?

A lot of people are also desensitised to something happening in foreign countries; like 'ah something happened in Afghanistan today, something bad happens there everyday, who cares'?

@daskeit So in my view there's no need to play into foreign agents, governments etc. and drive it home on your own domestic government alone, especially since this is only being rolled out initially for a population set that is distinctly NOT Russian/Chinese.

I also think that with the heightened tensions, there's no need to stir up more xenophobia/hate for something that is hypothetically going to happen it bad country X, while it is happening in the US right now.

@MatejLach i agree with you, and it's certainly a sort of exceptionalism to imagine that "it can't happen here", or to focus on negative effects in non-US countries.

i don't think pointing out potential misuse in the US and elsewhere are mutually exclusive, though

and the "this is relevant to non-US country X" framing is also actually relevant for non-Americans who do live in X and would be affected

again, this is not to take away from your point, but only hopefully to add to it!

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