The Turkish government effectively banning crypto because their national currency is tanking, is imo just another proof that *some* form of an 'alternative' currency is in fact needed.

There's a lot of hate for crypto and while some of it has merit, it seems to not only discard PoW isn't the only algorithm out there, but also that 'blockchain is kind of meaningless as there are many types of databases because they don't all have the same properties.

I don't think tech is the problem here...


The 'problem' of course is not using it for everyday transactions but for 'speculation'.

However even here I haven't seen a good argument for:

a.) What can the cryptocurrencies themselves do to encourage spending daily for everyday transactions without massive corporate backers, like Facebook, which have perhaps even less trust than banks.

b.) Why more regular people speculating is bad/should only be confined to Wall St.? In a way this seems like gatekeeping, if unintentional.

@MatejLach it's not really for cryptocurrency to do, other than provide a convenient method such as a phone app. what matters is that people get paid in bitcoin for real work, and people accept payment in bitcoin esp. for the bills they normally pay.

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