With becoming the default in soon, everyone's talking about the efficiency improvements, however to me the privacy tradeoffs aren't worth the gains i.e. (Wikipedia):

"QUIC includes a connection identifier which uniquely identifies the connection to the server regardless of source. This allows the connection to be re-established simply by sending a packet, which always contains this ID, as the original connection ID will still be valid even if the user's IP address changes."

@MatejLach QUIC is non-standard. Firefox does not ship non-standard stuff. Firefox will be shipping http3, not quic. This code is ephemeral and only used for session resumption. It's not a tracker since it is strict to one site, it is not corelated cross site.


@andreipetcu How is QUIC non standard? tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf

QUIC is essentially HTTP/3's underlying UDP-based transport protocol.

As for not being a tracker since it's per domain only and not cross site, my concern was not cross site tracking, but rather a site knowing who you are even if you say switch to a VPN or a tunnel.

Granted, you should not be keeping your old browser connections alive when you do that, but it is an extra thing to be mindful of that was previously not there.

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