addresses the free software community

"[...] For instance, I defended Professor Minsky on an M.I.T. mailing list after someone leaped to the conclusion that he was just guilty as Jeffrey Epstein. To my surprise, some thought my message defended Epstein. As I had stated previously, Epstein is a serial rapist, and rapists should be punished. I wish for his victims and those harmed by him to receive justice."

@MatejLach they want any excuse to remove #RMS from the #FSF.

I saw a comment of someone about "gnu tools" saying that the point wasn't RMS or the FSF, the point was having a new #GPL license more like the BSD or MIT. Maybe their goal is to convert #freesoftware in #proprietarysoftware.

In the end, with this kind of actions they show us who they really are, they are #egotistical people who only want money and power, they don't care love and other people.



> the point was having a new license more like the BSD or MIT.

So nothing like having a GPL license, I think you're right. The goal seems to be to erase the difference between open source and free software and make everything corporate dump over the wall ware.

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