And... banned from HN. Guess am finally doing something right. 😂

@ekaitz_zarraga I suggested in a thread on the Capitol storming where the narrative was that now all conservatives are going to be deplatformed everywhere by a left-wing mob that I wouldn't talk about 'left-wing mobs' given there was an actual mob in D.C. and it certainly wasn't left wing.

Then I suggested to several commenters that it looks like they're suffering from a victim complex mentality.

I just find it amusing that they censored me when complaining about them being censored.

@MatejLach @ekaitz_zarraga Surely it must have been more than that one message. I've seen much more extreme (well, it really isn't extreme but from the moderator's point of view) positions taken and that merely resulted in the message being removed.

Yeah. I've seen much much worse.

To be fair, It wasn't one message, it was 2 actually :-)

I've been told if I email them swearing up and down I won't use HN to engage in 'political battles' I'll be let back on.

I don't care enough to do that tbh.

I am hoping it'll mean less distractions. :-)


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