has a serious case of 'create a problem only to be able to write a grandiose blog post about how we saved all developers from the problem we created'.

Now they've taken down a repo because it had an Iranian contributor & they were supposedly so scared of the U.S. sanctions (which amount to a medieval siege btw) imposed on and the possible penalties for them were they they to leave the repo up, only to publish a grand blog post about how they unblocked all of GitHub for Iranians.


Previously they of course infamously took down youtube-dl's repo with immediate effect, with no real recourse for the authors only to restore it days later and somehow spin it as STANDING FOR ALL DEVELOPERS on their blog.

I am half expecting them to monetize all FLOSS repos on only to donate the proceeds from doing so back with a blog post titled GIVING BACK TO ALL DEVELOPERS .

continuing to suffer from their savior from themselves syndrome by again taking down a repository and then restoring it to great fanfare.


@cadadr @MatejLach Thats the premium extension to the Bielefeld conspiracy, isnt it? :D

@ginsterbusch @MatejLach "In August 2019, the council offered to give 1 million euros to any person who could provide "incontrovertible evidence" of its nonexistence in an effort to increase interest in the city."

I knew Molise didn't exist, but these guys took it to a whole new level of hilarity 😂

@cadadr @MatejLach My primary strategy at work to get extra recognition from management

@MatejLach almost skipped this one thinking it was old news rather than yet another one

@MatejLach "While the developers didn't respond in any way, GitHub decided to carry out another review which concluded that there isn't sufficient evidence"

Christ's sake github. You're literally soulless

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