Very bad ruling re and press freedom. The fact his extradition to the U.S. was ONLY rejected on mental health grounds and not PRIMARILY on press freedom grounds is absolute bs.

I hope it's not a way for this judge to shake the case just so that SHE doesn't go down in history books as have made the decision to extradite him, but that the U.S. hope is the higher court will reject the health grounds as she pretty much sided with the U.S. on the actual merits of the case.

Again, press freedom only seems to matter when it's non-conforming states violating it. Not as a universal principle.

well US is non conforming!!! Julio is ours now so don't call don't make it weird

Exactly, what a ridiculous judgement.

If #Assange himself appealled her dumb decision that could make a greater mockery of the #UK #InjusticeSystem.

The extradition should have been rejected with prejudice, meaning it cannot be appealed.

#AssangeINJUSTICE #FreeAssange #FreeAssangeNow

@dsfgs @MatejLach I'm personally surprised they even showed this much back bone to be honest.....

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