I wish people would stop automatically prepending 'lightweight' to Xfce by default. Not that it is not lightweight but the implication usually is that KDE/GNOME isn't. Based on my testing, out of the box i.e. KDE is very 'lightweight' too these days.

I think perhaps 'minimalist' would be a more appropriate term here?

@hamjb @MatejLach I do agree that Xfce isn’t really lightweight anymore, certainly not as is was at its inception, but I am not so sure that “minimalist” is the right word either. As a long-time OpenBox user, something like Xfce does not seem particularly minimalist to me.

@MatejLach As a guy who used xfce on linuxlite and linux mint, It's not lightweight for my poor old computer which made me try i3 windows manager and dwm afterwards which are way lighter than xfce ,so Yeah I totally agree that xfce isn't as light as I thought people claim.

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