"Leaked Nintendo documents have revealed a frightening surveillance operation carried out against a hacker who was researching exploits for the 3DS handheld. In addition to monitoring his private life, including aspects of his education, when he left the house and where he went, the company followed its target from his place of work..."

As good as , S2 etc. are, the Switch was definitely my first & last console. That's stalking 101 backed by a megacorp.

nintendo being a corporation 

@Ylfingr @MatejLach yeah. I used to be a real nintendo fangirl, right now I'm only staying for the games. The games are good, the corporation that makes them can fuck off, and if I wasn't so scared of legal trouble, I'd totally pirate the games.

The idea of some hacking a hacker is kind of funny, though. Only if they exploited a bug that the hacker introduced themself while hacking.

When things leak out in the videogames industry its normally deliberate also. They may want him to patch it?

@MatejLach @behold3r after reading the whole thing I cannot understand why they could not have just emailed this guy with their offers of cash payment/contract work and free travel... why on earth do the creepy horrifying version

@MatejLach So the list of consoles I could still buy is growing shorter every other day it seems. 😞

@phf @MatejLach I wonder what's still on your short list? Mine's been empty for a good number of years. That is not counting indies targeting retro consoles.

@polezaivsani @MatejLach Does RetroPie count? That's still on my list. Of sorts. I mean I am swamped with old RPis so one of these days I should really install it and buy a controller... 😐

@phf @MatejLach Using your own computer to do something with it that you care about (almost i guess) always counts :).

A run of the mill thing from the past sounds almost innovative today!

@MatejLach I can't tell if this is legit or not... I'll look into it later. Boosted for visibility anyways.

Capitalism; nintendo being supreme bastards 

@MatejLach wow this makes me feel so unsafe even with the xbox always listening shit i wasnt that bothered but this is actually paying humans to stalk a mans entire life? I do not want to give nintendo another cent lmao and i think im actually gonna stick to that.


entirely authentic or not, I do like how this story has layers.

1. hardware documentation / dev tools leak out so people don't have to beg nintendo to let them be developers

2. nintendo gets upset and spies on leakers

3. somebody then does that thing nintendo never ever expected leakers to do, and /leaks/ the plan to spy on people. shocked pikachu face

@MatejLach wery glad I hacked this console, I'm having less and less incentives to buy their games

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