Only can spin not giving you a charging cable in the box as being environmentally responsible.

@MatejLach How about not selling us yet another phone?
That would make a dent!

@alcinnz @MatejLach It would carry a lot more weight if the cables lasted more than the lifetime of one of the phones, which they obviously don't. Not to mention the reality that most people need *multiple* charge cords.

@lanodan @MatejLach And they don't work to convince us we need the latest!

Apple's marketting department is as much to blame here as anyone...

@alcinnz @MatejLach They don't but making one good phone and keeping it for years feels like something out of the feature phone era.

Less phone models means more stable software, more available parts, …

And let's be honest: Phone models between ~2013 (LTE modems) and now (5G modems appearing) are extraneous ones as most of the specs didn't change that much.
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