So just announced their plan to kill general purpose computing.

They're switching to their own ARM-based SoCs and while I have no love for Intel or x86 in general, Apple's solution is designed to ensure you won't be able to run anything but signed images on the hardware you supposedly own.

Native ? Forget it. But don't worry, you'll still be able to run it in a VM for those pesky containers you're using at work.

is going to be a permanent second stringer there.


Combine this with what is doing with and the strategy from proprietary vendors seems to be "out of sight, out of mind".

will be something that spins up transparently for the cases where it's necessary, but most won't know or notice, so over time Linux won't even be in the running when thinking about switching OSes for many, simply because it will be a lot less front of mind.

I guess it's just another phrase in the eternal battle for software freedom, all is not lost.

@MatejLach Thankfully we there are a fair few hardware vendors making sure we can run Linux directly, rather than via Mac/Windows!

I have no plans to replace my laptop anytime soon, but when I do I'll order it online.

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