The guy who sued GNOME over bogus patents:

“I have always supported the innovation of open source software and its developers and encourage its innovation and adoption.”

It looks to me like what used to be made up village hear say in the Middle Ages never really went away with science, evidence, secularism - it just morphed into people who look respectable because they're in suits saying things directly countering the evidence.

But at least GNOME got a donation boost off the back of it.

@MatejLach The weirdest part is where they also granted perpetual rights to any other project licensed under a recognized free or open source license.

Like, that's a giant loss for a patent troll. It doesn't say what they got out of it, but surely assholes like that don't just have a change of heart and stop trolling?..

@rune My guess would be they wanted to avoid having their patents outright invalidated in court.

@MatejLach That makes sense.

Oh well, at least that's another benefit to open source licensing now.

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