software freedom, hot take 

BSD "pragmatists" are to long-term software freedom what anarcho-capitalists are to anarchism.

software freedom, hot take 


Well put! I'm always disappointed when I hear that people choose BSD-style licenses because "GPL isn't truly free because you don't have the freedom to make it unfree", and that comparison throws some light on it.

software freedom, hot take 

@nigeldgreen @MatejLach

Open Sound Control is used by a lot of music software and is pretty much what comes after MIDI. It was written at Berkeley and put out under BSD. For this particular use case, this was the best license to use.

A lot of GPL projects (SuperCollider, PD, etc) use OSC and it's literally free for the commercial audio platforms to fold it in.

The don't of course, not without charging a massive premium. Because of course they don't.

Anyway freedom!

software freedom, hot take 

@MatejLach They're the best?

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