I think the need for a decentralized DNS service to be built into every major browser is now more apparent than ever.

To the point it should move to the very top in a list of priorities for the free software movement.

But didn't ICANN just back off from the sale of .org?

Yes they did. While we're watching. They WILL try again shortly. These types of actors always do.

I am tired of always keeping an eye on corrupt figures entrusted with authority only ever failing upward, time to upend DNS.

@MatejLach My thoughts as an upstart browser developer: Please ask a lower level component to do this? I believe BIND's appropriate, or discuss with your distro.

And it could help bring Mozilla on board if you deployed a DoH server over this decentralized alternative?

P.S. I think I've heard of a DNS server which provides alternate top-level domains for alternative governance schemes. Due to Zoko's Pyramid this sounds like the best solution, and it already exists!

@Adrian Cochrane

I think I've heard of a DNS server which provides alternate top-level domains

You're thinking about OpenNIC?

@MatejLach tor has been experimenting with bundling namecoin with the browser, for onion domains

@MatejLach also: let's get rid of WHOIS and anything related to it once and for all, which also means getting rid of it towards "trusted parties"

or for "legal reasons", which just get abused for copyright anyway; copyright shouldn't even exist...

we need truly anonymous DNS
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