Looks like the devs are using COVID-19 as an excuse to effectively make Qt proprietary software.

"last week, the company suddenly informed both the e.V. board and the KDE Free QT Foundation that the economic outlook caused by the Corona virus puts more pressure on them to increase short-term revenue. As a result, they are thinking about restricting ALL Qt releases to paid license holders for the first 12 months"

A year in the software world is eternity, may as well not release it.


"The Qt Company says that they are willing to reconsider the approach only if
we offer them concessions in other areas."

This reads like blackmail honestly.

@thufie @MatejLach KDE foundation? Perhaps they don't need to add more features. 😎

@MatejLach Wow.

How is KDE going to deal with this I wonder. They'll have to fork it won't they? But are the resources available to maintain a fork?

@MatejLach I told everybody for years, don't use Qt, licensing is not clear, use GTK+. Nobody listened.

@Mac_CZ @MatejLach GTK, the people who have told developers that GTK+ is only for their use, not for applications?

Sorry, no.

A> QT looks and works better.
B> GTK keeps changing everything under the hood.
C> I can't even freaking get mouse clicks to work properly in the scrollbar area.

If you use GTK for your app, I simply won't use it. You have decided to go with a toolkit that makes life difficult for the user. I'm a user, and I absolutely do not appreciate that.

We need a fork of QT, not GTK. GTK should be written off as a failed project, a guide on how to not manage a project, how to alienate users as well as developers - all while sticking to a license and holding that up as the reason to choose it _over_ everything else.

Sorry, this whole "license over usability" garbage is what holds much of Linux back from the general public. Who NEED a _GOOD_, free alternative.

@Mac_CZ I think people were always aware of the risk, in fact it was the driving decision behind - itself was also aware, hence the agreement that allows them to fork it under a free software license.

The hard part is, back when KDE was made, (before GIMP Toolkit), Qt seemed like perhaps the only modern choice. And from a technical perspective it stood the test of time.

The licensing model didn't. Qt is the one SW that needed to be 'owned' by a corp that doesn't need the money.

@Mac_CZ @MatejLach
It was clear Qt had only papered over their problems. But lets not ignore the problems in the GNOME camp either. They aren't license issues but they are equally severe. RedHat / IBM control it and have taken it in questionable directions the last decade. GTK is subject to churn, they don't care a whit about the pain they inflict on non-GNOME projects trying to use it, documentation is lacking, etc. Firefox also has a bad case of corporate overlord problem, it is larding up quickly with user hostile misfeatures intended only to fund an over staffed "Non-profit" foundation.

Free Software is entering a crisis phase caused by its successes in the 1990s and "Naughties." Having achieved "World Domination" it is big business now and big business has embraced it with an eye to gaining control of it. It has now largely succeeded in that goal. So now what?

@MatejLach hello, I tried a quick search but did not find the information.

Did they communicate publicly?

@DaD I found this: https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-community/2020q2/006098.html?print=cGh4 , which contains the exact same phrases @MatejLach cites in the top post.

It doesn't seen too publicized though.
The cited E-mail is actually worth reading in its entirety: I learned a lot of stuff.

@DaD @MatejLach
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