A user experience with FLOSS video conferencing:

"I've tried Jitsi Meet and found it to be smooth."

"Onboarding: Jitsi: Click a URL. No accounts. Hangouts: Google account. Need to individually invite other Google accounts.

Video Quality: Jitsi: Decent, slightly better than hangouts. Hangouts: Passable but grainy."

"Conclusion: Friends preferred Hangouts.

It's quite disheartening..."


I think we in the FLOSS community often think we just need to technically match/exceed proprietary software and people will switch, because of the added benefit of it being free software.

But there's often even a larger hurdle to overcome and that is instilled trust in big corp software and the buy in into their ecosystem. Because for every "de-Google" blog post you see, the sad reality is that many more people join their ecosystem daily and find it convenient enough not to care about FLOSS.

@MatejLach Also if it's not compatible (enough), people will be slow to leave the programs and interfaces that they're used to. And with social media there's also the fact that most people's friends won't come with them (I still use my birdsite account as well as being here, because I don't want to give up one set of friends and start from scratch with another)


yes.. i think there are a fair few challenges there.

for example, with lockdowns people need Easy tools to connect online.
It seems commercial stuff offer quick solutions that are harder to find else where. :(

could also be a good time to both develop and
do a switching tools/platforms parties? ;)

@MatejLach You're so right! It's like people have been trained for years to think that unless you are some kind of super-nerd, you are in no way qualified to make any decision about technology. You must simply take the most popular, commercial choice. Anything not marketed by a giant west coast corporation is some kind of heresy. Conformity is a helluva drug.

The enterprise software world seems to slowly be coming round to the idea that vendor lock-in is bad news. So perhaps there's hope.

A lot of open source software just plain sucks. They are full of bugs, hard to use, and sometimes they don't even install correctly! Corporations have profits to pay the best developers. Only the most passionate and zealous causes could attract enough developer talent to compete with money.
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