Mainline support in 5.6 is all the rage, but I'm honestly just as excited by supporting data compression.

This will help improve SSD lifespans even further:

I've been using f2fs on pretty much all my machines for years and have nothing but good things to say, honestly, a bit of an underrated filesystem in my opinion.

@Mac_CZ Haven't tested it myself, but it is supposed to prolong the lifespan of SD cards as well, I see no reason why that wouldn't apply to a regular flash stick as well.

@MatejLach @Mac_CZ doesn't F2FS rely on the SSD for wear leveling? AFAIK most SD cards don't do wear leveling on their own.


It should be good for SD cards as well, per this LWN article at least - I'd imagine the benefits are not as pronounced as on SSDs with smarter controllers, but I'd assume that there's still properties they both share that f2fs could utilize.


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