Some devs seem to be reacting to the recent changes more positively, (, than others, (, however particularly the change of not offering LTS releases any more to non-commercial customers could impact in a rather big way.

In particular if in order to offer ample time for the transition to 6, KDE has to fork 5.15 & essentially offer their own LTS, The Qt Company just stretched an open-source community for not much benefit, I think.


Considering how much funding there seems to be for dubious corporate pet projects, I'm still amazed at how little there's to go around for critical infra.

Qt should have been donated to the open-source community by with everything, patents etc. included a long time ago, or purchased by some deep pocketed tech company and sponsored as essentially a loss leader in the way many programing language dev teams can afford to have full-time programmers on staff.

Arguably, the itself should be sponsoring the project. It's one of relatively few worldwide technology projects originating in Europe and it would take pennies out of the EU's Science/Research budgets for a decent PR boost, but that would probably be too rational of a decision and a too useful of a project to take under its wings.

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