So has choosen as their preferred init system again, which is good, I hope the anti-systemd bashers will accept this outcome, which was arrived to by consensus and will from now on focus on moving Debian forward, instead of scheming to force another, useless vote on init systems down the road, as has happened in the past.

systemd has won because while not perfect, it's clearly superior to a pile of bash scripts.

Let's make 2020 the year we move on...


Systemd is fine, as long as I don't have to use it. It's more for smart, young folks.

:freebsd: :openbsd:

#runbsd #NetBSD #OpenBSD #FreeBSD

@MatejLach what advantage does systemd bring over others init systems? (this is a serious question)

I only used it once on a server, I found that I had to purge huge logs with journalctl commands, that operation was very counter intuitive :flan_despair:

@kensanata @MatejLach thank you for the link.

Although, I'm not convinced. #OpenBSD services management use rc which is a 623 lines of code shell script, doesn't require tracking any PID file and easily allow to configure the process environment. :flan_think:

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