A lot of people are saying that wasn't well liked by the British public. And from the interviews I've seen that seems true, the fact that they have an image of Corbyn as painted by the Sun notwithstanding - however in these same interviews, the suggested replacement tends to be "someone like Tony Blair".

My question to everyone dumping on Corbyn today is this: Is it worth for Labour to win, no matter what, for the sake/name of it? Even if it represents nothing Labour is supposed to? ...

...Because Tony Blair does not represent Labour politics, unions, workers.

This is a man who made Labour a less openly racist Tory 'alternative' - that is no alternative at all if you care about economic populism, human rights & transformational government.

This is the man who not only lied us into the Iraq war, but continues consulting for the Saudis, Sisi etc.

If someone like that is your man, so be it, but to me the policies actually matter.

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What I am trying to say is that I wouldn't vote for Johnson even if somehow he had 'Labour' next to his name.

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