Nice to see that recent discussions around on both LWN ( and to a lesser extent even HN, (, ending up a lot more balanced & technical than just a constant stream of visceral anti-systemd bashing by reactionary forces.

(At least a lot less than I usually see, but as always, little substance was employed by the reactionaries that did end up even in those discussions...)

Kudos to internet discourse developing in a positive way for once.

@MatejLach A certain group of SystemD haters were drowning out substantial points of criticism. I'd say that probably the System-D-hating is not as effective anymore in bringing up the emotions the haters crave, so they have moved on to other topics.

I'd love to see a robust and stable alternative to systemd.

@holger @MatejLach making up lies and rubbish about systemd actually makes it harder to have genuine conversations criticising systemd.

So their plan has the opposite effect other than to cause drama.

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